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Anthem (SAB Choir) - Arranged by Kirby Shaw

Excellent vid and very nice work!Well played, congratulations.This is not real chess.The leather delicately being sliced through with the Stanley knife,it is a symphony to my ears.I'm planning to buy Lunox.You can get the Modix Big60 for $3500 and they don't think everyone but them is too stupid to build it.Didnt that save the pawn for the moment?Can we get some Computer on Computer action please !

I'M GONNA HAVE TO TAKE THAT ROOKE.I enjoy watching them!Why didn't you call him on the illegal move when he made it?Where is the dog?Whats this apps name?I'm impressed -Sorry, more than impressed.I’m probably late to the game but what happened to the old Ford?Jerry I was about to sleep dammit!

I am very happy

I am very happy

Thanks for the guidance.8:29 when more says Tom wtf is that u can hear I help me by a girl in the spirit box.PLZ MAM HELP ME.Ok where the heck do I get one of those threading things?They were sold by their own tribe leaders.1:14:55 Jaws inspiration.Every point on the board must be possible or none of them are and a line is just a connected length of points.



14:36 when my brother tells me he used my PS4.UGB6WX And if Ne5 next, dxc4, Qxc4, b4?Hope this helps your adventures in YouTube Land.BTW Rybka 4 thinks 10.Someone tell me!And two, if they realized they needed to heat the water to make the ale, they must have realized they simply needed to heat the water to make it safe.TG ITS 2020 and not 1995 when I was in HS.That is a BEAUTIFUL cue!Is it possible to use button prefabs in this grid?However it is the creationists or Christians that has contributed to humanity not the other way around.

Very boring play 1200 players play far better than this shit.Just hear and study.Isnt this single player khet?This was surprisingly instructive, would love more team chess in classical time controls.1010 would watch the ending again.Did they patch the x-Zylo yet?

And I stuck at

And I stuck at

I don't believe Wei Yi saw all these variations.Thank you so much for this, I’ve never understood this type of stuff with theory but you made me understand it very well.Is White's best move 1.This is exactly my sole problem in chess!Grabee kusang tumutulo luha ko nakakaiyak Kahit diko naranasan yan damang dama ko ang paghihirap nya Is this a real story press like the bottom.The rules are too opaque to make it a spectator sport.

I'd be messing up every move I

I'd be messing up every move I

Make a new video.Reason:Not reworked Diggie2.Black Couldn'tdo anything.He plays correctly in almost his games.These draws make the games more and more exciting overtime.Always cut horizontal first, then if you hit a stud you can cut the other direction.This gets old fast.YOU CAN'T JUDGE ME!Can I order one.You dont need to know chess openings if you can make your own chess openings.

greg taylor

Whoa there Ben.... you're a veggie? that's awesome man, good for you!!!

Summers Woodworking

I concur!

Verde Mar

Eres muy talentoso, precioso tu trabajo. Saludos desde Argentina.


Yes! Do more about brazilian chess :D!And come to Brazil.


At around 17:00 can anyone explain why y doesn't get multiplied by a ?


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