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Eugene was the only one i actually saw in my fyp lmao.I like the hexagon design for the bottle.Best chess teacher for me.You also appear to start with a new project inside a solution already containing several projects.

22 rook should take bishop.Just a suggestion.Bunlar tam bir pislik.He leaves it there.I'm telling you man, you won't be dissapointed.Where do you get the values for the rares you pull?

Hey you need to start wearing

Hey you need to start wearing

I'm so proud of my religion, The religion of science.Can’t catch a killer but can give people 20 years for an eighth of weed.And it is as of move 14 that we have a completely new game.Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.He can't know about it.It's so irritating hearing people pronounce melboune.

F5 at the

F5 at the

Your helmet should be called Our Bonnet.I really need to learn c.Please sir let me know,if it's not.Radit juga kena.I'm stuck on 1600 year now.Mabey I'm too late but, I am 1:28:00 into the video but it says this every time I klick my reset button: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectGameManger.Only posibble moves are a6 or a5, if a6 Bc8 wins the match and if a5 Kh7 - Nh5 - Bg4 - Ng7 - Bd7 - Kg7 -Bc8 and here if Nh5 (again) Kh6 - Ng7 - Bd7 you have the exact samezugzwang position but now black dont have the pawnmove resourse and is lost.

Added to that the constant moving boards.Wow that music was terrible, please just have the machine sounds if you cant find better music.Can use for 6 PBX-phones and 21 ISDN phones.Can you make one exactly like this with a game from the candidates?The language of the title must be the same as the language in the video.What is wrong with carlsen after arena 9 lol.Great experience.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the

I was looking for some guide so that I could carve chess pieces out of wax.The third answer I got was 4 and that is the answer I liked best.Vahap anal as bayraklar as as.01 percent chance of you getting sick.I think I can beat the machine every time.European wars oversimplified pls.Where the fuck do I run the program?The same artwork is sold next to my house for $150!

Esto es ASMR o que?Welcome to water league that shit reminded me of one of supa hot fire bars how they hyped that wack shit up lmao!What a simple tricktactic.All i did was read poetry and enjoying old chess games like i do now thanks to you.It would be cool to see a modified larger version played by five people where all four clans are controlled by a separate person so that they would be less organized.

roberto R

This is really a great video!


2:05:30 Hahahahaha. Oh man that hurts. but hopfelly we learn from it, Re8 make sens for positional reasons.

Axns Manchu


Oregon one

isn't berlin defense a trade off?


Balmung Schneider

Joey West

Right at the 9:58 you can hear someone hissed and wissed by the bottom camera like a mist

Harry Potter

Maam we tried making it in the microwave but it was not fluffy enough.....So any suggestions how we can make it more fluffy....

William Jones Chess Show

00:42 Vachier-Lagrave plays this line often. He beat Mamedyarov in this line in the world Rapid in Dec 2019. If black wants to play in a riskier way, then Bh5, rather than Bxf301:47 One of Antonio's catchphrases: After f6, "we have a completely new game"02:17 Wow! Rd1 then Bc1! What an unusual configuration03:30 I never knew this was called Morphy's Opera Manouever!05:22 Wow! Qf7!!05:52 Amazing mate in 2 or 3, depending on how u defend [queen sac]Amazing how Sadhwani destroyed Mamedyarov.

Henry Newcomer

Linus: the worst thing is when people don't follow the guidelines.His first response to the following person: Sorry, I didn't read the guidelines.

Kung fu noises would’ve worked for me Nice build!

The Ultimate Reductionist

PLEASE STOP SAYING UNDEFINED MEANINGLESS THINGS LIKE "ordinary numbers" or "normal numbers".If you MEAN "the integers" or "the positive integers", then SAY "THE INTEGERS" or "THE POSITIVE INTEGERS".Everytime anyone is sloppy expressing these concepts it absolutely DOES raise unnecessary confusion,as saying the proper concept requires LESS work than being sloppy.

Harold Lewis

Wow that is some great work. Very nice and clean to. I would hire you any day.


I love these short chess videos. I see one that is less than 10 minutes i click.

Pium Veio

You are a genious


I agree, the coordinates are kinda annoying. It would look nicer and more simple without them.


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