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Are You Ready for the Scariest Gambit In The World?

Vocs conseguem traduzir em portugus rtugues.Iam pretty sure at the beginning of the video is propaganda.Wait here last name is krush.He forgot to keep the margin at the top.I thought for sure he was going over your shoulder.

On day 3, there's a 14

On day 3, there's a 14

I had the word processor center each row, that way I don't have to pad spaces from the left margin, which it didn't center so well until I finished the row, since spaces at the end of the row do not count towards center justification.None of my Best Buy’s or GameStop’s was participating in the event.Why capture not kill!I knew it wasn’t gonna be dope.I like to get drunk and play sea of thieves while i listen this.Is it gonna be smp orgonna have mini games?This is not the best game of the century, it is the best game ever!8:46 f4 knight trapped.Attached to that ring.

" Well, let's say after white king did go to g7, then black king goes to b6, then Kf6 will lead to a draw, because if Kxc6 white can go Kg5 and can catch the pawn, if not Kxc6 but instead h4, white can go Ke5 and it is the exact position shown on 1:55.Jerry must be like the best dad ever.Do you make your own fondant or buy it?Think it may have been a better and easier outcome, nevertheless an extremely nice piece !1:44 so like, he just added the saw dust on top of the pieces once they were done right?I know online is a different ballgame, but Carlsen shows the best blitz record in recorded history.I had already played with him five times where I win 1, draw 3 and lose 1.

Why do you say G

Why do you say G

Scenes on the news were brutal and chilling I think I was 9 and it scared the shit out me.Man this was just lie Star Wars, lol.SuggestionMagnus carlsen loss a game in blitz.At 14:45, why doesn't Black simply take the White rook at f7?What a great album.  It has to do with exploiting the fact that kings actually move faster when moving diagonally.Shaun, what are the dimensions of your shop?How does one join the army?

It would require that I remove my base

It would require that I remove my base

2 pawns down with a weak position and a vulnerable king.That first game was so rad.Kitne gmkg ka cake hoga ye end me ?I understand it is super repetitive but if you talked a bit more it would make the video less daunting.King point is 81219 2019 39.


9:35 nope its not the first 3D printed shoe ever... she's full of herself maybe she's preparing to do what German industry does best, file patents and sue the original creators. Stratasys showed of some concepts more than a decade ago, and the concept lingered in all areas, for example check Iris van Herpen's work in 2013

Matias Kadorna

i dont understand anything TT


notice that against the computer Hikaru isn't using his normal lines... "maybe I will, maybe I won't, might play something out of ordinary, keep my opponent on his toes".... "we will see what happens, see what he wants to do"... these engines be stealing the fun out of Hikaru's punch lines.

Chris Barr

I used to record American top 40 to VHS to listen to through the week

Danny B

Negative interest.

Keith Thomas

Tal is such a wonderful player, he sees moves and combinations that even the greats like Bobby Fischer didn't see. Its funny while Tal is my favorite player, along with his young apprentice Shirov, my own game is very cautious. In that respect I am starting to look at the Iron Man of chess Tigran Petrosian, and the more methodical play of Max Euwe. I would love to seeAlekhine v Euwe from the 1937 final.

Study Corner

For some reason,this reminds me of Harry potter. Voldemort=TomHarry Potter= Moe SargiI dont know. It just really reminds me of it.


Like if you play chess on Lichess.

Sriparno Baksi

Optimus Prime wants to me to defeat with him! - Universal Studios Hollywood

Yongting Wang

Who else screamed at him when he can take the queen with his rook at 1:32?

Federico Isasti

On 4:27 he could have gone Bxd6, right? Winning a pawn and having the fork with the knight

Juice Man

What do u use to do that

Omni Versal

I've had that happen to me while I was still learning PHP, I jumped to a PHP framework way too quick thinking that I knew enough PHP. I got good with the framework, but I was lacking at some core PHP stuff that were actually quite important. I'm not gonna make that mistake with Javascript.

Sha Sha

He died a slow painful death from cancer recently...karma!



Remari Green


Bastard GOOSE

Should've just mined in minecraft

Cody B

Table looks great brother!

Sadasib rajguru Mohapatro

Hame too kuch samajh nehi ata yeah

Stefan German

Tanashin mechanism. Interesting, in regards to your recent last cassette mechanism video.

Daniel Maurer

I'm a physicist and I hate that you call the variable for the number of expected days "e" instead of "t" xD anyway I personally prefer the first solutiion because i like the geometric series a lot :D

Mariano Joo



this is the 1996 series but kasparov vs the machine is the 1997 rematch

Aaron Salve

so, is the vinyl board foldable?

greg ritchie

Love that Ulmia workbench. Wish I had one.

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