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Even hospitals are under water.Idk about folding paper, but rolling paper gets me pretty close to the moon.Keep up the great work, and try some other bow designs!Vedios to nou minute ki h.It’s such a joy to watch Magnus play and provide his insight.

It's funny Botvinnik analysed every move but not the most obvious one.Excellent video which makes science accessible and beautiful.Before there was war there was cheese.Thought i was stuck, looked at it for a second and finished the last few jumps.Still a classic lmao.Jerry, you are my TOP 1 Chess Teacher on YouTube.

2019 is the year I give knife

2019 is the year I give knife

But this is not the situation.As a beginner, I feel like I'm not really making a gamecharacter if I'm using a premade script.Just like every politician does when they don't want to answer truthfully.25 speed and it’s slow as heck.I mean ofc Karpov looks like an absolute genius if you dont point out the mistakes.Now drill a hole in it and string a bright LED.It convinces me to not buy a veneered chess board.And the others will always know their color from the information what colors have taller people behind and what he see in front and with knowing, which color from 9 (without the tallest one) is odd.The first snow had fallen"?

We are not

We are not

How do you find the textures.For myself it’s better to see you alive healthy and happy and pressing on, rather than an exciting vlog.The commentator must be Hellin (Greek).To those who think they voted Nola to get more money, She got some details from until dawn wrong and spent 20 hours thinking about what's the latest game she had.1982: Milton Bradley releases Grandmaster.Nice pieces, better board, best video.It was also awkward to find the start of the track you wanted to listen to.In this second tool, what would be a specification of it (diameter, angle, etc).Thank you so so much :) :D.

That's killer brother.39:52 really nice key abuse43:13 okay probably the best.We also say as I have just done not 'as I just did'.His sentence is 25 and up."But FIFTY FOUR SOLUTIONS"Me: Welp.Very inspiring and admirable.

Simply the best how to on the tube.Wszystkie moliwe liczby to:0, 1, 2, 3, 4,.I'm a simple man.SEVERAL OF THOSE WHO TAUGHT IT TO ME WERE TRULY GENIUSES.What software do you use for animations?We can think of the mouse as a particle diffusing in a 1D environment, so the diffusion equation is x2 Dt.Com account last week.Feel like I owe you a lot so the tea is on me when you come to Belgrade.What's inside a visual poi stick.


47:02 Free pawn?


this is irrelevant but i like knowing these things. was the stream delayed from the gameplay? i don't trust the honor system when it comes to players stream sniping during this extremely important event

Mansi Pandya

All right answers

Richard Feynman

A game like a masterpiece of art by Tal! Thank you very much for showing and analysing this tremendous game!


Old Russian joke, "I can make of this oak tree not just one box of matches, but TWO!"...

derek wilkinson

Great video, I’m a total beginner and that would be a great project.

Riesen Esel

I should build a guitar...

fetusima O

17:22 great impression of Karpov.


I have depression but after a major surgery in December I have been left bedridden. The past 2.5 months have been such a tough time for me. The pain and recovery has been unbearable that at times I wished death would come instead of the pain. Today was an especially bad day. I struggled through today. I couldn’t take it the pain and the depression. I just wanted to end it all. Everything came back rushing through, my failures, disappointments of my family members, unable to get married, unable to find a job to suit my education, I was tired. I wanted to die. I wanted to kill myself but my elder brother saved me today. I’m thankful for him. Then I found this. Studio ghibli has been my go to for comfort. To people it may seem silly but ghibli films and music has always given me happiness and hope for the future. I hope I can become strong like Sophie and all the characters from ghibli. Thank you for the music. It has healed my pains.


Funny. The same Tedros that told weeks ago that air travel was fine now is talking about unchartered territory.Stupid times we've living in...

Bentec gaming

I am your fan not electric fan


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