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Why doesn’t Zach brush with a toothbrush?I guessing when downloading they will print a full letter size print with probably 12 " edges.If so (ok 3 questions) how have you addressed it?7000 millennial disliked.I just finished rendering part 3 guys:) I'll upload it as a 1k subscriber special, hopefully soon :D.I kinda knew it would be Eugene though, he may not be the most social person but he’s very observant (he also always bets on gay).Amazing to see how Magnus' mind works: how deep and far he so easily envisions outcomes.

I really love your channel.Why cant black just counter it by moving h7 to h6.I miss it though because I moved overseas for 2 years and couldn't take it with me.They aint making more of those again.I love you botez.Hope to see more of these in the future when he's even better rested.I HATE looking at the board from the side.Who saw the Chris Pratt commercial and still skipped?I mean I get everyone is different, but this is no beginner project.This video was EXTREMELY aggressive.

Learn chess or play.And the least one will be 7.You didn’t set it up right because I saw the king move three spaces.I would like to make the same one can You help me?If u cannot support a kid, then use condoms, they free!I look forward to your next video always.

Was it in a moment of panic he played Ka1 instead of Ka3.I used to think they were called "Bored" games.I really hope Magnus loses this tournament it feels like he is stagnating quite a bit, maybe a loss would reignite that fire he once had.I was about to type a smooth joke but looks like people are far smoother than me with smooth jokes lol.Thank you for making this video.14:40 omg do you see dooromg hi muving.Collider2D col) (at AssetsScriptsTapController.I am not sure if black could complete the attack.

Love at 1:06 in

Love at 1:06 in

MAHANTHI SURIBABU.Good commentary brother Agadmators.Wish I had them on my channel.That's why research and due diligence is important.I look at the 10 infinity using glorified subtraction like this:1 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0.

Then regret not coming 4

Then regret not coming 4

The insulation minimizes energy consumptionrequired steam, gets up to temp faster, and protects the plywood so it doesn't delaminate from steammoisture.That is a beautiful cue.If you can found so,then you can find the puzzle in the first attempt.Magnus' most cunning opponent: a webcam.I love the lighting.How could I go about putting this into a grid that enables me to create an Ai that spawns randomly in the grid and then interacts with adjacent tiles?Vdeo sexual Shakira.Knight would be on Nf2!Greets from the V8Lounge in Germany.As usual, this project "speaks" well of your craftsmanship.

Nakamura didnt get the Teresa May joke :P.This game always reminds me anime called "No Game No Life".Indrajith abhinayam pora.Idk wtf just happen but i like it!I made my first ever cookie following your recipe.That was so considerate of him.What a great game for Caruana!


Oh. You're right. I don't know how I missed something so obvious. (Thanks for not yelling at me.)

James Lerch

29:40Ah!!That is how the rear sled is kept under control and pointing in the right direction, was curious how that would work out!Thank you for the long video, love your work and the production methods you share!

palla ashok

Thank you

Balloons and More Gifts

I like the 2nd leg set.

Bruno Ges

Man, are you french? Your accent sounds like frenglish


number of piles to power of the number of roundshmm so for a binary version i could do 2 piles and 5 rounds with 32 cards............

kevin sheerin

Seirawan gold incoming! Love these videos! Tell to get someone to help him with his personal channel too need to see his face in his videos.

Stefan Rickli

What a golden proof!

Abdullah Raza



Your machines are priceless!!!!!

Shag Adellic

Listening to this guy ramble all over himself is painful


Karpov would have destroyed Fischer with ease. Poor Fischer had to run away.

Eric Wuebbels

Wait, you’re telling me Motorola wasn’t named after the guy in the painting from Night at the Museum?

Umar Soomro

a personwho make move like thathe will be donkey rajawho isfool to move king like that

Matthew Cobley

9.17 the bishop to F3 doesn't seem good, what about black playing the e pawn?

sky dragon

there is much sensationalism about alphazero but this contest was deeply unfavorable for stockfish. it's more or less rigged for alphazero to win, don't underestimate the real stockfish engine, the not so long lost engine champion!

Some Guy


Ramasubbareddy Annem

How to solve last lyear

JP Cappella

I just built a chess board in my woodshop class an I used cedar and pine... Yours looks great with the walnut and maple great job

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