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A fun but very challenging chessboard to make is one where you make the grid on the surface of a slab of wood which has a natural side rather than being square from cuts (think a tree that was hollowed out by fire).Gives a nice contrast, and is easy to clean off.ChessPlusFoodIsBliss.But Whites missed mate in 1 (10:44).Thank you very much!47:40 nemsko couldve saved a rook if she had taken first rook w knight instead of rook.

Where if White goes for the c file break Black can attempt to find a fortress on the a,b files.So that's why "cd documents" doesn't work.I had been polishing my openings.You guys should go on tour.Try to challenge Chinese people bro.For Bobby Fischer's most famous queen sacrifice follow the link!That So Yummy channel needs shutting down.

White should not have moved last.Aren't they also called a "cubile animus" nest of souls?What happened to the captions?Just seems like even the tiniest slip off of your line risks destroying both the router bit and your project if you nick a washer.I have have some HP 1Us in my home lab and i can't stand being in the same room more than an 5 minutes.You could be solving multiple problems 100% accuracy, but your score will just drop because you move too slow.You are left withBob Alice612 18810 18812 20Since you are Alice you know that you have 12 so looking at what possible combination there are you see 810 doesn’t work because you don’t have 10.

082 Carlsen using his Bishop more effectively than his opponent.I was the Cut Scene.Jayblac1615I Feel Like Twork Was Fire But The Crowd Wasn’t Messing Him Cause You Can Read Geechi And Rum Lips Why Twork Rapping And They Saying CRAZZZZY, FIREEEEE.That was Brilliant XD.Freaking British discussing the validity of the magic in these squares.

Saarthak Singhal

This was the first time, i got answers correct but i only got 6 of them. I love this channel, keep making these type of videos because i have not learnt how to do function and all that complex stuff, I am in 10th grade

Rex Butt

Create a chess cryptocurrency


The Bob Ross of chess :)

Imran Sahir

That was powerful. This kept showing in my recommendation for a long and I regret that I didn't click it earlier. Lovely speaker. Also, that piece by Chopin sounded very close to his "Funeral March" in the beginning. Funeral March is my most favorite by Chopin.

Acting Flight

i would have used those rubber bands! Wonder if they got any from it that aren't broken or cut lol.

David Kopp

I wish the commentators would always tell us what move/position the two players talk about after the game

Justin Saleh

Oh my god the swallows


I need an extra footage..showing the sums of getting to the first row (trivial), second, third, and especially fourth row, using the same idea to prove that minimum 20 checkers are needed.

Brian Georgetown

Sorry I had an out of body experience waiting for ivy to bet. I went to the store and everything

Le couscous

Wow! That's a lot of damage

J.P. Rosensweig

Thanks for an excellent commentary.Very clear.And very helpful how you showed each of the alternatives and why they don't work. thanks!


welcome to the world of plastic injection molding. we have a lot of variables that went into plastic injection molding. barrel temp, hopper feed, cooling time, cooling temp, injection speed.... and one problem could have one or multiple sources. my concern with this is it should have an addition nozzle for cooling the plastic down before exiting the machine. so you can get a consistent solid piece that isn't like wet spaghetti. so the heating barrel melts the plastic and then using the screw to feed more plastic in allows the plastic to be pushed through the heated barrel into a cooling barrel that would taper as is exits. that way it wont get bound up from friction but could get a relatively straight piece to form before exiting the machine onto a spool preferably motor driven.

Navy seal

Comparing a 700$ macbook air with low end computers...

Alan Smith

He doesn't want to play you because you should NEVER CROSS THE STREAMS.


Anyone that has kids and has watched little Einstein’s has heard most of these. Recycling music onto following generations. Or if you’ve watched old looney toons you’ve heard all of these lol

Jonathan Newman

Excellent work.


"In the spirit of Mikhail Tal"

Indian hake

Bhai horse ko dekho Mar Raha hai kala wala


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