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Best is 9 Qxb7 of course.Thank you for the video!I have purchased this game for myself, but my son and the rest of his Boy Scout troop have taken a great liking to it.Really very impressive.Wow Beautiful boss.There is nothing better than nice smooth end grain.

I've never seen anyone make tools like this before.I saw his trial on the oldCourt TV.Can be used as a drill, lathe, sander and wheel polisher :).

I thittatheath nayinte monano mairan.

I thittatheath nayinte monano mairan.

Khc cui ch cn a hu en xung G2 thi, do c m gi.What is the 10% there?19:48 classic Ben.I saw bishop take e4,so proud of myself.Well done to all."Simple development move, trying to control the center of the board".It's not scrap, it's unprocessed.And he was only in his 20's.Rb7 as white 1st move will not work because N will capture the pawn and ends w a draw.I know its hanging tree but does anybody know the name of that specific remix?

I'm seeing green.

I'm seeing green.

Why is the Zvezda playlist unlisted?I like the your tutorials anyway.I think dark blue would fit better to it.Magnus is the sexiest chess player of all times.Next game:MagzyBogues: 3054 vs BouncyWebcam: 4056.Append('Black')for i in range(12):a.Hiciste una mision mormon?You just need to accept Pythagoras as your lord and saviour to do the trapezoidal boxes calculations.Anyone young watching this: understand that telling people to fuck off is freedom.I'm curious if any of these games that it played against Stockfish were identical to games that it perhaps played against itself.

"What would you say is your biggest strength?They are very slow and needlessly complicated.Well played, Sir Carlsen, well played.Sign on typewriter do not touch.Wonderful analysis and commentary.

Also John Carmack.Holy Cow i'm not getting the point at 3:38, isnt 13.Your have a great strength at speaking in a way that is fluid and interesting.Pluto captured them and they turned into moons.You might consider this old woodworking adage: Want to keep five fingers on each hand?3 pools full of gold lmaoo I’m sure we had way way more btw Africans and Aztecs had large amounts of gold soo much that it wasent even valuable well at least until the whites showed up n destroyed n took everything now most of the gold lies in England a country that has done soo much harm n stole lots of goods for its own benifit.I knew MB was familiar.It is in Missouri too.

If I saw a woman walking with this build I'd say: "Wow!Hagird: Goodbye A'rryHarry:Im not going home.Kamusta na kaya yung mga bata?One of the finest game on exchange variation of QGD.I loved this guy in The Wolf of Wall Street.Dog: Barks Antonio: "You dare oppose me, mortal?Tal was the greatest attacking player of the game.


These are skills I want but don't possess.I can envisage making a lot of firewood trying though :-p

The 8-bit Generation

what is the graphic library you are using in your include directive?

luis ayala

a legend and how he enjoys and is passionateVassily greetings from mexico guadalajara

Julia Jones

loved it... I framed my doors and windows...

Abdallah Daqqouri

I wish I was this smart and creative.

Egay Abiera

Slaying the dragon!

MO TheCat

Agadmator: can not vote at the provided link, do you have another link outside of youtube? Thanks.

Fred Bloggs

Caruana is just an American cunt with a wankers playing style and got his ass handed to him by World Champion Carlsen

Walter Blake

What about Adriana Yates she killed five of her children. I think she should have been on this lists


These two should do a show together walking down the street

Jon DaBomb

And i opp sk sk sk sk Dan: what is that OK BOOMER


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