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Auto Chess Mobile: Is a Full Bench the Best Strategy!? Bishop-9 Gameplay Guide

The only one I couldn't do was 0 cause I never new the trick he used.Does winning an exchange here win the game ?Where are they that I can hear seagulls?I love those chips.S Titanic,it comes with a full LED light setkit and a seperateinstruction bookletfrom the kit assembly instruction booklet,that tells you how to solder everything togethertaking the guess work out of it.How do we get the emote.No matter what other saws you have,a lro caroenter must have a circular saw.Next time on allen pan 5D chess now that everyone understands trumps 4d chess moves he has to invent 5d chess and I must exposed says allen pan.

Where can I buy one of your handmade pieces?The knight start at 1 spot and for example in your showcase Bob could not usw that place because that was the starting place for the knight.Great work and great explanations.

Q2kv broh rocket

Q2kv broh rocket

It's a very nice puzzle sir i am abled to solve it within 3 minutes.My wife has an antique sewing machine cabinet that has three stacked drawers on both sides on the outer part of the cabinet that have curved sides to match the shape of the top.So nobody comments on the excellent Brick Top imitation personified by an appropriate agent?Na ile chcia podzieli?After Kg7 white plays Kf4 and if Kf6 or f6 follows up with g4 (key move!I thought I cannot solve cube but ur tricks helped me to get it.  In any case, I love all types of math.

Anyone else feel sad about themselves because for me i am not good at anything and seeing top chess players born with the talent are all successful.Watching the world champion quickly noodle through puzzles, sharing his thoughts."If you play something you can even get checkmated.Hi general zod Antonio.I heard a humming.Triandahedron has relativity to icosahedron and dodecahedron in the same time.Wowgood job Good luck.Its not pronounced "peerK" defence!Lock up the bankers.U need to trade off Queens to win.

I'm sorry but 25 isn't

I'm sorry but 25 isn't

The rook isnf protected right?Would be great to include a PGN of the main moves in the description.Show some appreciation for that kid, Magnus!Thank you so much again.I'm much too old to get that good at karate and a CNC thing I have is called a ballpointpen or BPP.She doesn't care of her king.

Martino Garonzi

1:27:18 epic game against Lawrence Trent

paddy b

Absolutely lovely your friends are so lucky I loved every minute of your video great work

James Holsinger

Thank you!!!Where you live ?

Vaidehi Hudli

White pawn to g5 Black King to h5White rook to h7 Black King to g4 White can promote pawn to Queen and win easily

George Neto

Fun fun function ?

Mart Hopo Hopkins

How Not to trim a door first of all set square set to 7mm mark top corner and then back down the leg of the door frame then put a mark about every 2 foot down the leg marking done now place your arc or moulding up the leg of the frame to your mark 7mm you've made at the 90 degree on top ofthe frame mark with pencil do that with all 3 peaces then cut and glue with miter mate ...2 part glue and activator spray all 3 peaces glued together now on the back use adhesive grip fill or other equivalent place to your pencil marks and nail in place... unless you dissect the angles of the frame if it's out of plumb doing what he did your miter will never line up properly one will always be longer than the other

Nathaniel Ngo

Like the craft. But thumbs down for the music.Its Japanese craft, it should have zen like music.

Harald Veland

3:08, why can't white respond to ...Qd5 with c4?


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