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Autochess Mobile nâng cao: Cao thủ trong Top 100 Asia hướng dẫn đội hình leo rank cực mạnh.

What, he gave another one?Keep it up buddy, love your work.Hindi chess videos at 14.When I've seen one I'm already looking forward to the next one!You can capture the pawn in c3 with a check and forking the rook on a1.The claw is our master!

I give it one major snow storm and its gone.I really like jennifer but there is a big problem with her: she has never watched The lord of the rings that's unforgivable.Your book poverty proof is amazing thanks for your contribution.

Fuck off and get educated.

Fuck off and get educated.

I could connect the 9 dots with one line!I find that you explain the important stuff for the purpose of the illustration you are attempting.You have added atleast 12 cup of sugar but your instruction on screen shows 12 teaspoon!Only problem for you is by taking time explaining your rating only goes up slightly each time.I would not be ashamed to share that house with my dog.The last game queen sacrifice isl the best ever.Chess is not the same without tal.He is a hypocrite to the highest degree as most atheists and liberals are.Can you make video about that tool cutting sus metal?

Got myself a

Got myself a

Awesome outfeed table.4:45like when the kid in "The 6th sense" is in bed and whispers to Bruce Willis: "I'm not from Ikea".THe coughing man.Wow idea of ideas.Wow impressed by the animations and teaching!I wonder if paraffin wax would work just as well as bee's wax.Maximum distance that the car can travel is unlimited.

Daaamn shes the hottest chees player ive seen.

Daaamn shes the hottest chees player ive seen.

Can you do a video on your doggo and cat.I just realized I've never seen a left-handed person writing something before.Man this shit is interesting.I was annoyed when homie didn’t get that we live in the coolest dimension.THE GHOST SAID MOE SARGI.They need to pad him up with fleece Johnson.I just found you on twitch (you should add a link in the description) and look forward to catching you during a live session.With the 4 4 dividing, after we try every combination of the first groups (4 attempts) we try the second group if the first couple of them doesn't work we move to the other couple which will be guaranteed to work as we have at least 3 charged battery in this group( we know we haveat least 3 because none of the combinations of the first group works).Very good Paul enjoyed your teaching.The st Louis chess club is coming up in the world.

And then proceed on u

And then proceed on u

5 hours against King Magnus with all that pressure.On 16:10, why didnt white go for Qb8?Looks down with a genius smug face on.Where there no women chess players on the office that they ?This video peanut butter sandwiches a certain kind of happiness.The American doesn't normally play 3 min is y Magnus buddy!Remember standing in line for food is a good thing, free 1000 gallons of gasoline a year, free utilities, free cable, free internet,free $250.

That was a good craftsmanship !

That was a good craftsmanship !

What a beautifull object !Wherepostrockdwells 3.) what a legend!They are not just picking a move for the sake of ita brainstorm is necessary before each move.What if i play black pawn at C7 to C6, then the trap fails am I correct?I find it funny that the Bishop looks like Hitman 47.Naanga ethachum question ketpomnu tha speed ah soltringalaYe evlo speed.Greka napravljena sa kablom unutar ladice.

Aaron B

Aggravated assault? Attempted murder, you boobs. I would murder someone who put arsenic in my coffee

geometric art

Anand is a chess living legend. Glad he still plays chess at the top level.


aka: how to make dice in higher dimensions

Good Chess

Vau very good video


Bruh this is insaneeee... the fact that you actually counted the grains of rice tho lol like dang

Hot Cols

You need a tool retractor )

Slump Kiid

Nut captive.


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