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Can't believe that the position at move 7 was never played before.I recently watched a video with your friend Omar Gosh, who said repeatedly how dangerous it is to summon spirits with a quija board.Fantastic stuff!Basicly:Don't break the mirror,Look into the mirror and say Zozo ten times,And tie down the person who looked in the mirror and said Zozo ten times.All methods of wood working tools equipment, including Table Saw, Power Saw, Jig Saw, Kreg Jig, impact vscordless drills, nailstaple gun etc, can be used correctly.

I remember math olympiad I just blew up the paper.After he said that about quadriple isolated pawns and so on i immediately made this 1.Come to Detroit.This is reminiscent of those VHS games or what we had here in Quebec as "Videoway" which used 4 TV Chanels cleverly switched by the set top box as you played along various scheduled game shows.Beautiful workmanship.

Thanks for all your

Thanks for all your

I make these out of steel and I form the petals before I stack together and peen them.Nevertheless even I could have got that a-pawn home.I JOINED MY FIRST CHESS TOURNAMENT AND I WON 2ND, THEN I WON 2ND AGAIN, THEN I BECAME THE CHAMPION,AND THE CHAMPION LAST YEAR, THE ONE THAT HAD ME 0-3, ONLY PLACED 4TH, BUT WHEN I WATCH CARLSEN PLAY, I DON'T FEEL LIKE I DESERVE THOSE, SHIT.Skin lang po ni lunox- cosmic harmonyId :318493518Ign :RUELATHANKS PO.Hey if i have a pla maker then i would mod it by making a new nosle by contacting a blacksmith.

OK that tip for getting the edges to

OK that tip for getting the edges to

Didn't you just made more epoxy resin trash trying to reuse epoxy resin trash ?You guys check out the channel Mumbo Jumbo(he plays minecraft).Morphy was aggressive but anderssen's defense counters every threat, his pawns were dominating as well as his bishops.I find it kind of humorous that refer to wire loom as edgeguard.Looks like some antique egyptian vasethank you for sharing.He should not try to be funny so often.Thar dude sounds very happy.Husing namespace sfint main()srand(time(0))RenderWindow app(VideoMode(400, 400), "Minesweeper!

Capt Termite

Good hit Irish!


This is the best video about circle of fifths.

Dio Brando

Tomorrow is my tournament day.Wish me a good luck.

The Sweet Karma Bar

this is absolutely ahhmazing!!!! couldn't look away!

Apdalah Ahmaad

Joe Dorben

Really? Adopting an IM is hardly a challenge at all for Eric tbh. Maybe for Aman it could be seen as a "challenge", but not Eric

Ghost Phantom

Checkmate can be done by the following moves :-Rook to e7Queen to e5Queen to c7Rook to d7Queen to b7Rook to c7Rook to c8It's then a beautiful checkmate

Matthew Stout

On Mesh Maze how did you select the faces in the "valley" all over?

Danial M

Queen, Brian May Red Special.3 different things. But need each other.


Hello Kerry, I have been watching your video's for awhile and I wanted to make a few suggestions on this game you reviewed. I noticed a few tactical shots that could have ended the game in your favor very early on and then a shot that would have picked up his Queen for free. Let me know if your interested in seeing things from a different view.

Finger up

Audiance- coughing!!me-- Adhoko corona hai!!


From next video add flags

Ryan Farrell

11:30 this was not like some clown combination, d5 this is no joke." lol


Now, these are Pro tips!! Thank you very much sir!

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