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Good to see a feminist looking girl talking about baby.ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE?9:35 play against an 1929 rating, and talking about banana.Brilliant game and brilliant video.Teacher how about learn math olympiad?Great explanation of how to approach these tactics.Jerry, just so you remain right you're cheating with these arrows :P.

After escapingGen: But I’m gonna be.How do u dry ur flowers!Like 2900 at times, how the fk is some unknown GM beating him so often.So, if Morphy was playing black in this game, wouldn't that make it likely that the "When Morphy Bluffs" game (where he also had black) was actually game 1, and the "First American Chess Congress!Please tell me how did you learn all these skills?Pelan2 dong nerangkannya.

You are a natural

You are a natural

A table for life congratulations well done.I have a '93 strat that's never been used by a professional musician, some gigs sure but nothing extensive standard wear and tear but the thing is coming up on 30 years, and could really benefit from a re-fretting which I will probably do this year or the next.EXCELENTE TRABAJO!Always a pleasure to see Hikaru playing and adopting.I use overflow auto, so that the paragraphs is contain within the height of the div.I missed your videos!Good job, Il love it !Viva Don Pepe Cuenca !Napanuod ko yan IM rod iling ng iling c gary tapos biglang umalis.This is that one non-wholesome commentwow I'm shocked at seeing rain too.

I like my ultimaker 3 of my ender 3 pro much more.Doing it manually, I can hardly assure that it contains no math errors.Why is everyone hating on the hobbit.E4 %clk 0:15:00 e6 %clk 0:15:00 2.I dunno, it all so fishy.Wish you can get a chance to bring such in kenya that would be of help to many artisans!Wow politics much GM Finegold?Karpov would have steam rolled Bobby.The Fibonacci curve was briefly mentioned,how about more on the Golden Mean ?

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Must reflatten on mill after heating with flywheel

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If you skip to very end of video then replay it, all the ads will be gone

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I’m not a tech person and I don’t know this guy but could you explain me how he changed my life ?I use iPhone that’s about lady time I opened my laptop, was probably 6 months ago just to see if it’s still alive

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