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AUTO CHESS UNIT GUIDE from Queen Ranked Player! | Amaz

I'm not going to rewind for every word every time.Knowledge is power!I beg your pardon, your exceptionally frim the rest, your a good sample of how to behave well even in your complicated situation I hope the rest will follow the way to behave si people will respect what and who ever you are.In 2025, when Nadal retires wt 2627 gs tally, Federer n Djokovic will concede defeat n refuse to be called a goat.Please don't forget to tell us all, here on this feed.Then when he loses 'Omg, did I just blunder', when he wins 'what does he doing?

While all those things are

While all those things are

"They're lies alright, but they're entertaining lies, and in the end, isn't that the real truth?First time seeing your videos, I have to say it's a well think beautiful home lab.Very instructive and great comments.It was beans I want my money back!BoldGuy track oh yes!Some kids dream about having a Lamborghini, others dream about having a yacht, Vsauce dreams about having a brachistochrone racing rig.I think the orb galaxy came out the best but I still like both.IT WAS PROBABLY SOMEONE WHITE PRETENDING TO BE BLACK!How much is your chess board?

This a great project by

This a great project by

Wait so why do we do castling?Thanks, this was very useful!This had cleared up so many questions of mine and has taught me way more than what I already knew video was great.He could have told the cops where to go.1:20 wow I'm getting a very John Williams - Across the Stars vibe from around about here!

Amazing accept what happened here 1:41:22?Quack Quack Captures Captures.MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME!Thank you sir for video but please make videos with consistency.Maybe there is nothing special about it, maybe its Just the way it is and its the first of infinite series tha cause this problem.I want a galaxy paint work on my bike.Seriously nice piece!27:41 Put in slow motion on the window, you can see a small head that escapes.

Anugata Ghosh

If you move the rook again... shame on you.

Colin Mclaughlin

Great job very much inspired me to try it my self

Daniel Anyamele

"You're a wizard, Harry!"

iamaduck quack

46:44 i love dgr and DGR!

BT Rulez

The James Bond GoldenEye game gave me serious nostalgia

michael craig

Natural light also helps. It helps me anyway.

Zangief The Red

So he shows a game were he first blunder the queen, then blunders two more times at least, still manages to win, and the outcome is "don't blunder!"?

baby turtle

Stop wasting time with all the side comments: eg "If you're just here to enjoy the show..................."

Quy Vu



I actually still use my Lenovo Ideapad 110 from 2016, it's proven really sturdy (even after I knocked it on the floor a few times) and is still pretty fast. It can still handle games like Warframe and Team Fortress 2, only cost me around $400 when I got it, has a nice big 17.5 inch screen, and has a terabyte of storage. Although, by today's standards, the Intel core i5-7200 cpu is pretty slow, at only 2.5 GHz.


crazy game!!!


Excellent commentary as usual. Which version of Fritz are you using?

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

It's amazing how alpha just laughs at free pawns and continues to torture stockfish.


It doesn't take a very high I.Q to know you don't want to be ripped off. Get this man into office. Stop getting ripped off.


A jucat-o la coltu lung in loc sa bage calu si pionu sa le dea o sabie sa atace direct prin poarta din fata da nu hai sa iesim cu regina la produs daca il prindeau 3 pe 1 le futea o bataie o tactica foarte proasta daca eram in locu lor jucam 3-4-3 cu messi in poarta si ronaldo in atac mai trebuie experienta baieti daca vreti sa jucati ca mine mda pacat oricum aveti talent

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