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Ave vs Jc Recap: Road Block

They buy because they like it so much they want to have it.It amazes me how these players can see so many variations with so few time.It's just awesome Agad.You can't expect Italians to know about every spec of American history.The base of the triangle cannot be the circumference of the circle, since the length of each triangle base isn't equal to the actual length of the curve on its arc.Great build, man!"Pizza" how appropriate.

Isn't thirteen too old for a freshman in middle school?I'm just asking.I dont even play chess.Man : Do you like it ?Where did you get the jig to make ?"and now you will have some problems guarding against these 4 gentlemen here".Make your shellac with the 90% Everclear (if you can get it in your State) - it's much easier on the senses than denatured alcohol.Jellyfish Simon.Did you use backpropsgation as well?Kitne gmkg ka cake hoga ye end me ?

Hey john,are u going

Hey john,are u going

WOW Someone who knows how to use a miter saw!I think this is oneof your best video.I have friends and fam in china and this is just how it started there but nahhhhh y’all wanna call ppl conspiracy theorist and wait last sec.I had been waiting for someone to make this ever since Harry Potter.There are two Euler's constants afaikThe first one is eThe second one is Euler-Mascheroni's constant, which is represented with a letter (greek letter gamma)I think should be changed to E.Thanks for helpadvice.

Madaya yung bata naka dalawang move kain na sana pon niya.I want pizza now (.Thanks for sharing.Still dont know where to actually write this code.I did suggest Rd7!And massively beautiful.

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED.Three Cheers to Gary.I was able to fix two old computers about 20 years ago.SetItem("tetrisHighScore", player.It takes too long to make only one.Sex, false prayer, feigned death, time stop.Bxa8Q simply wins, up a clean rook after.If they can refer to malamute as this guy then some guy in Germany killed millions of Jews.

I am working on restoring 130 yr old pr of doors using the same old species we purchased, inlays epoxy if you want it to last.Mommy, where do babies come from?Videos like this only get better with multiple viewings in my opinion.Pepper in the process."spur of the moment thing" "lose 100 elo points thing".Walk down whichever path you see fit lol.Beautiful, genius Chess.


The fact that over trillions of zeroes have been found using Riemann hypothesis, isn't that proof enough?

Mark Joseph Loren


This account Daulet

Your short videos are very interesting, I will look and test, it is very interesting to program a video, but I myself do not know how to program, and how learn how to program games?

FourOne Two

My chess set:3$ Board I found at the 2nd hand storePlastic pieces from a 7$ chess/checkers set at kmart

Ben Jamin

try getting into this science or where real science starts =

Thiago Carvalho


Milind Masurekar

Many many happy and healthy returns of the day to our beloved Chess Super GrandMaster who has made all Indians proud,happy and attached to you as if you are our closest friend!Whenever you win we are extremely happy,else we feel very sad !Enjoy today with your family and win the title once again to prove that for a Saggitarian,age is just a number!Stay healthy,wealthy,safe, lucky and blessed forever !-Prof.Milind V.Masurekar,India

Nick Terence

Would be easier to buy a vinyl wrap and heat dry it over an existing vase from a goodwill store.


Good job on the nice tactics at the end. Was your opponent running low on time or did he just not see the rook skewer?What's your current elo rating?



Jorian Meeuse

In 5 minuts i discovered that a, b and c equal 1


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