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Hello my blog

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Love Like This (45 Edit) - BC004-45 - Side A

Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.Have you guys seen piano no moriforest of piano?Just seems like a better move.I love his music but."You should always adapt your consumption to your income you shouldn't try and adjust your income to your consumption".

For that complexity of making,

For that complexity of making,

Damned that's 38 move needed whithout any curtain!I never have beaten a GM at normal Fide time controls.Did no one go to this park?What a great game, very intense and had many distinct "geners".You 2 should make it a regular feature on your channel.Ended up looking so good!How many games have you memorized?Human controlled router?Another awesome build - thank you so much Tony!

About how many hours have you spent building this sled, somewhere over 120.Why not queen A3 and then B2.Pigeon house plsss.Cause me can't do it.27:36 "queen b4 what?When I grow up I want to play high level chess like the one we saw today, that was immeasurable!I almost always forget about that.

TldrThe perfect lie can only be

TldrThe perfect lie can only be

Qa4 would work too for the most famous one.Is there a triangle where all four centers are at the same point?It's like solving an equation in base 3!Any chance you could talk more about shaft design?Your videos are the best, they inspire me to do so much more than I can do, they inspire me to work harder in chess, to enjoy chess.Is there a channel with no analysis?If you don't understand that point, I'll try to explain it to you once more, but I guess that it would be like talking to a wall.That has to boost your confidence!Gives ASMR vibes.

Ahmad Saleem

I like this recipejis ko psend aye like karo

The Rubik's of Darci

But how that robot know the moves and how they can see

80s Lady

Doctors aren't doctors anymore. They don't swear by the Hippocratic oath, as they once did. The government and the patients insurance determines what they can and can't do. What I've seen over the years would make you want to find a vet. Animals are given better treatment than disabled medicaid patients. They are nothing but a loss of profit for doctors, and they will only take what they have to. It disgust me.

jauput -

so who won

Skalpel 303

The music made me feel like I was on hold.

John Emmanuel Domino

I'am confusing, how about if there are more person to be seat than the given chairs.?

Gaming petv

Ci Th 7 C L S Tht Hn!!

Logic Please


Alias KaSiin

Great job! When ill get my shop properly set up, ill make my own! And that sqareness test is very nice too, my biggest concern usually is that what if any of my sqares arent exactly sqare and id not know bc i have nothing to check against. So thats a great tip :)

Fayeqa Hoq


Burst1ng Media

yall hyping mr hypeman roc, but watch loso bruh. dude got under their skin lol

Michael Carnright

So beautiful an heirloom for sure!And thank you for showing that woodworking tools are enough for brass when care is taken!


This "Blondie" is supposedly a cool programme. )Besides, the rank of this "something" indicates it.

Om C

U could have just call him "crybaby" than calling him hustler


I don't understand the bishop to C1 move at 17:28. So could have captured at least one pawn for no loss at all. The rook G2 check moved the rook to safety and gave So the initiative to freely capture on F4, but instead the C4 move gave that up and allowed Carlsen to reposition himself at will. Even if Carlsen had moved his rook to F5 to force a capture on the bishop protecting the king from being checked So could have moved his rook to G4 to capture Carlsen's once it had taken the Bishop, meaning So is winning.I'm sure I'm missing something, but as it is I don't see any reason for So not to take the pawn.

Kasia Lotnik


Ja Swayzi

Tone the music down one notch ! Great piece you made

Luke Schneider

But.... What about ME?????I love... BAROQUE!

Gather disfirs

Name of song at 3:15

itan S. Nissl

Another way to think of a knight's movement is it moves to the any of nearest squares that are not in the same rank (row), file (column), or on the same diagonal of the knight's current square.


Sounds like a scholars mate with extra steps

Johannes Wu

ohh that’s Jeff, he always plays for money there. Might do that in time scramble.


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