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GOAT Kid poker !There's your vore for the day.What is your time worth?

5 in the bilitiz variation and winning the champship.Ngl he looks like a 5 yrs old.I enjoy your channel.Alright back to cat videos.Wouldn't it be much easier to cut the numbers out on a scroll saw and attach them?All that time and expence and still smears glue with a finger, too cheap to get a 50 cent brush.

Contact a terrible movie?It is beautiful.Every PC you suggested in this video is like a hyundaidaewoo compared to mac's honda civic.So many mates possible in the variations but finally no mate has happened.You're a great teacher!

Certainly the "wall" theme was more

Certainly the "wall" theme was more

All of your cutting boards are so beautiful!Seems no 7 shouldn't be 7.That's our Indian culture.What are the five steps?Can’t wait for next weeks show, love y’all!

Watch TV shows and movies in the language you want to study!Ok so I'm me an my husband we are basically starting over with a baby ok I'm frustrated stressed and a whoooole lot of anxiety and a bit depressed but not serious.Look at Engels Coach Shop for videos on steaming bending up to 2 inch thick wood.That was a nice video.5:58 why not capture the rook.

I am brand new to

I am brand new to

I cannot read nor write music but I enjoyed the vid and learned a grain.How can someone tell you yes and you would know what to flip down.It said my people need me!Warshep blessing:70% to blundering a piece being in advantage 30%to blundering a piece in equal footing95% of stalemate in all situations blessing puts rage effect on Aman Hambelton and makes video twice more interesting.That looks amazing!MAllCellscurrentX, currentY).At 32:06 you sugest Qd2,a move that makes no sense at all because white could mate with Bc4.

Scrape it after it dries!

Scrape it after it dries!

I enjoyed your humour and watching you use those lethal weapons (I mean tools) You have a great selection there.E 10008002002000rs so the shopkeeper had total 2000rs loss.But then again, it might make you improve th epresentation.La pregunta del milln quien fue el ganador?Feri curagius muv.Lincoln is like draco malfoy.Stalemate and 50-move rule draws were considered a loss.Agadmator has shown such adoration for the Evans Gambit that it should be renamed after him as the Radic Gambit.With those mines, I would have used the clear silicone I would have glued the mine to the chain.

woah man

What’s inside a magic milk


well if it's just ok or like just a little better ditchwood barnwood or a good stinkkk to it dug in it/dust etc...It's definitely a workable piece.


The and gate looks the same as if you were to multiply the inputs

avra sarkar

In one word= "PerfectLesson"

Radhakrishnan P K

Very good information..Pluto once concidered as a planet of Sun( son of Sun) ...orphaned byearthlings..

Adrin Aros

but can that snoball batle pack be an iceball?

Cesar Dainezi

23:00 white has mate in 4.1. Qh4 Bg7 2. Qxd8 Be8 3. Qxe8 Bf8 4. Qxf8or 1. Qh4 Bg2 2.Kxg2 Bg7 3. Qxd8 Bf8 4. Qxf8In the third game black was losing all the game.

FriendlyNieghborhood Weeb

What is th-


You guys should do What’s inside a pencil sharpener


When blindfolded person teaches you to see

Jill Davies


sarmad attique



How much would you ask for a table like this?

Kirby Weldon

Would definitely be interested in old project update videos!

Day that Fallows

I did not know he was such a normal human being! Wow!

Faris Faris

Plsss plsss

Nitai Pada Das

Ronnie is getting old .....

Nicole Howell

So glad the justice system worked in this case with everyone doing their job and getting a beast off the streets .Unlike that pig farm killer from the East end in Canada


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