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Bacon and Egg Biscuits

Does this guy know what hes talking about or is he just looking it up online as hes talking.Yeah if I had the tools you have, lol.No merepushing pieces out of the way.  Are they  not needed?A bicone (two cones connected by their circles) would be also a fair die because the two contact regions (nappe segments) are the same shape.I really love the Japanese joinery and woodworking craft art n etc.

I’ve never seen a chocolate battenberg cake.But sometimes making your own is more satisfying and the skills learned makes your next parts even better.He could win earlier queen H3 then H2 sooner but he eventually did it his position was very strong.I'd vote down ticket and leave presidents blank (or write in Bernie if possible).Very Chill voice and good result.I'm feeling great the way you explain things, thanks a lot.

Just a suggestion.

Just a suggestion.

My guess on Tony's height is 6' 3" since woody is 5' 10".Man that trim bit has had a hard life!Nu 2:54 mnh a hu g5 c n k a ?Your video thumbnails are amazing.Not the guy who invented the segway died, it was the owner of the segway company Jimi Heselden.

In the position at 2:50, why doesn't black push the pawn to d4 to fortify it later with c5 or e5?Hay qu anh 3 mi ng h anh.Would like to see more of these!Why did i keep understanding Kanye West.Maybe one day in future we will rise again as human beings but even better than we currently are!I suppose it is hypothetical to light a place with a candle?Whats in those bags if they aint food.

What he claimed, was using

What he claimed, was using

Nagmula ako sa Mahirap na pamilya.Solved it by this "new" method.Me and the bois raiding area 51.I have given up watching all sorts of angry political bloggers for the warmth and good humour and generous spirit of AR and AB.Answer to the chess puzzle:Pawn to g5.You have a different cancer you arent cured?Yg abang bagikan.You mention right away looking to strike a balance between hand and machine.Funny as fuck boi.

13:59 CGP Grey has left

13:59 CGP Grey has left

Why didn’t Carlsen play bishop H3 at 3:20?Beautiful music, feeling good.I have a cat name Tom.How tall is each tier?Bad show altogether!The girl in yellow touched rook and moved bishop that is illegal in chess. Thanks in advance.Do you get you hand tools from a medical supplier?His hands tell everything even though he is wearing gloves I can understand his accent lol.

Just asking in case you would be willing to sell some of your pieces.I'll stick with ordering filament!Re the variance comment: If everyone could calculate perfectly through the end, chess would be "no variance".My dumb ass didn't even think to keep them in order.Really nice work brother!Grande Maxwell Smart.Did you ever make it?


i love these! KC you've improved my chess tremendously...if somehow I ever become famous im mentioning this xD


This guy is great!

David Santosuosso

The construction sounds like his hard drive is dying. Lol

Venkat Prabhav

this guy never raped a woman damn XDDDD

Patton Was Right

Bobby Fischer was a genius who discovered the truth and paid with his life

Armando Rodriguez

Think I settle for first 3-5

Kelly Trimble

The other 'downside' of the SuperHet design emitting RF was that somebody a modest distance away with very sensitive equipment could pick up the frequency of your oscillator and with some arithmetic they could figure out which radio station you were listening to.Radio ratings were important to sell advertising, so they had trucks that would drive down the street and pick up the injected frequencies of the radios in the neighborhood as they drove by each house and count how many houses were listening to which station at different times of the day, and by having a route that went thru various economic classes of houses.Today that might be a problem because with current computers, it would be possible to track what each individual house was listening to, which could be a privacy issue.Back in the day, the equipment on the trucks tripped clickers as the received injection frequency RF rose and fell as the truck drove by a house that was listening to a particular station.The driver could drive a certain pre-determined route at proscribed times and then read the number of clicks for each frequency for each station in the market for the most popular receiver designs, manually write them in a log, and then drive the route again and again, and that way they had a scientific sampling of what proportion of the market was listening to which station as the day went by.Like I said, by today's standards that would be a big privacy concern, but back then, the ability to economically record whcih station each house was actually listening to was beyond the technology of the time.About all they could do is record that they drove a route that took them by, say, a thousand houses, and out of that thousand houses, 40 of them were tuned to station A, 56 to Station B, and so on, and then use statistics to extrapolate that to the entire listening area to estimate the size of the audience and the market share of each station, hour by hour.

Kraston Laesazu

Did did anyone see that, so text book on player 2826. With time running down and still looked like calculated tactics. Yeaah think I might need to take about three days off too.

manish gupta

Do One video on tool length compensation please


i started with and slowly switched to c

Im Edmund

Nobody is going to point out how she kept getting doubles? OK just me

Zachary Habrat

Eric, thanks to you I understand why Nc6 is such a strong move in the Sicillian.I never play without my horse pawn starting combo vs e4.

Michael Jordan

Anish giri is a magnus Carlsen hating dog

Doug Vegan Paradise Builder

Question: does playing on a PC/Laptop has a big advantage over a cell/mobile phone? I play only with my mobile because of the snail internet that we have.

Christopher Dunn

If you downvoted....drop dead.

Stefano Pagani

My $250 Milwaukee fuel circular saw doesn’t cut square because the base has some wobble. Is this normal? I’ve been through 2 and they both had slop in the rivets. Would a 6.5 be more accurate?

yabrir mounira



The second Game didn't have much to do with understanding strategic ideas, he justed wanted to show off how he beat a super strong player.

Ujjval Verma

Majnu rocks... thanks a tonne for such a beautiful video. Your middle game training series has opened my mind to new realities of chess play. Thanks to you. I am even more excited to watch next videos in the series.Thanks for posting and all your efforts.!!!Regards, Ujjval


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