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Banter Blitz with GM Alexander Grischuk - November 13, 2018

Just wait, Game 5 will be like:1.The thing goes skrrrrrra 2:52.NETFLIX PUT MOST OF THESE BACK JSJSJSJS.Wow my heart is pounding so fast this video is bull shit.Would I make this?

You are wonderful!I love playing black against the closed sicilian, easy equality.Ur creations especially ur ideas.This was very helpful.Wo qu apna queen sacrifice kiya samajh nehi aya.Cc It looks professional and elegant in my kitchen and works great!QuotesEveryone has ideas,it’s just a matter of execution.

Why is the same logic not applying to Alice.Am i missing something?Small core here.2:50 Blue monday, new order?Master of two great arts.Thank you I never thought of these!Down a piece and still wins.Do an uno strategy.This was 10 days after my 4th brithday.

I should be learning something for math test,

I should be learning something for math test,

Just speak out the hat's color of the person in front of you so heshe could know which color of hisher hat is?This board is so siiiiick.At 10 minutes and 55 seconds I heard a voice say help me.But let's not forget to also mention that a huge part of its power lies in the fact that it sits on an open file - the dream of every rook!This back and forth went on for years.Is Kasparov playing professionally yet?I used to download cheat engines and hack into games when I was like 12 years old.If they did tie, did the tall ball accelerate past terminal velocity?

I heard no when you

I heard no when you

The worse I get.Hope You Get That Win Next Week At Phoenix!Her voice makes me envy the deaf.New players never ever think of sacrificing the queen.Did Dubov have compensation for his pawn deficit from the opening?I looked at Facebook and Instragram - cannot see any projected price.Medieval people DID NOT know about germs.He shows a full command of the orchestra.

Geet Muthreja



It feels like a warp disruption or somthing. The "mistake" looks right out of an episode or somthing. It's great!

T Nguyn

thanh duy


Brutal end game.

My Life Succs

Thank god my cells are good at suicide

Adrian Tovar

Everyone of these so called "mothers" should receive the death sentence. Send them to Texas, we are trying to put a drive thru for the death penalty.

Unique Channel

you helped me make my first snake game ....thakyou

Randy Parham

How many chess strategies are there anyway???!!!Is it even possible to think 17 moves ahead, especially if your opponent makes an unexpected move!!!I like the sleeping queen, lulling you to sleep, waiting for a mistake!!!Like a snake in the grass!!!And then "BAM" CHECK MATE!!!I'm laughing my arse off when the computer does that to me, I'm like, yea right, dang!!!

Lord Prutsikas

rook e8, what a badass move...The "amateur" was probably a 1800 player

Gunsimar Bhatia

instead of resign ...y not queen to B6

Michael Brindley

What is the tool at 16:40?

Justin V

Cool to see kids playing chess. Great for their development!

Robert Lunsford

Unlike every other sponsored video on YT, you got your thumbs up at the beginning of the pitch. Classic segway.

Scarlet Evans

9:12 what is "IQ pee position"?? And he mentions it like few times


Geechi whole rap is about talking about being a Crip lol


13:53 you just won 1 rating point and he didn't lose any

stuart markman

You don't need to belong too a health club after all the exercise you get woodworking.


bro plz help me


Thumbnail tho...

shirley rose

good actor's

Saul Torres

Chingon colega desde CDMX Iztapalapa


Hikaru makes me calm. I'm calm anyways, but somehow I get the vibe. I love these streams.

Jack Jacker

What kind of CONTRA is this??

kaesir istifo

I want it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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