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Battle chess: dutch defense\DON"T CRY BABE it is...............

He needs to get a life and new hobby.2:41 that man with the backpack gives awkward wave with his tiny hand, neat.Can someone tell me about those numbers?Wondering why Magnus didn't go e6 at 2:50 - nasty fork on Queen Rook.This is something I will take in mind on my next project that needs tenons, actually is very simple and accurate, thanks for your expertise!

It's not scrap, it's unprocessed.

It's not scrap, it's unprocessed.

Apologies if you have already replied for such a question in the live chat, too much to scroll through :p.THANKS FOR AL THE LESSONSMAYBE SOON I CAN BEAT MY CHESS WHIZ LITTLE BROTHER.I make canes for a hobby and some are requested.Gets me everytime.What a lawyer can laugh smh.Straight sided joints where you can push one board in the side of the joint as here would be box joints, dovetails would have to have the alternate pieces pushed in from the ends of the boards as the pins and slots are V shaped.You prove that common sense makes up at least 50% of being an electronic god.

Hey but your tutorial is really good!Para malaman nyo.Also, I am a very strong Empath since childhood.Place the material you want to us and follow the shape of the part you need a gasket for and tap it out.Amish Girl vs Magnus Carlsen.My move for 2nd round was RxRe8 it would force eithrt k ght capture following a check mate or queen sacrificefollow byknight sacrifice mate!

Is this going to be in the what sorcery series?The Nirvana song to add would be lithium.Kramnik played it so violently, he gave me a Tal feeling.Magnus MISSED THE WIN.You bring up the Cold War but you don't bring up Bobby Fischer versus the entire Russian chess Masters.I mean, why is Time attracted to slower time?Aman is my favourite chess personality.

You only got out because you’re too smart.9:14 that was blacks game if the black knight was on the b4 square checking the queen and the bishop.Im sorry i didnt really now how it worked.I will vote for Bernie.The bonus is a stronger edge.That wasn't a real move.Maybe he needs some time off.Evidently black was doomed after 15.Analiza musica worship seria interesante.

Chanel yg sangat membantu sekali.Anyway Thank you so much for your videos.So getting your flu shot is good, but it won't help, because that is like trying to read German with an English language understanding.Where's stockfish vs.Simon won the 3rd game and it was like someone put a nickel in him.The flexis themselves were a very nice translucent blue color, at least the stack that came with it, they were in packaging kind of like a cardboard box to house 7" open reel.Hi we have been trying to figure out how to stop epoxy resin to glue to the base on which our live edge table sits.So much more practical than staring at a problem blankly for hours.I wish this was the guy throwing jokes and math problems my way when I was a kid.I had to replay the start because my volume was alittle to low.

Saifali Khan

ilove you movie

Dave Williams

Ha ha very good video, glad I found you.

St T.

19:16 I would have used knight to g4 here just to mess with my opponent.


Water is the deffenition of wet

Victor Ulha

1:01:31 jerry can't hold the laugh

Cheng Zhou

Who wouldn’t accept the smith-morra gambit? Good trap.

Kaisar Anvar

At least this commentator does't f(k around with the board like other commentators.

Saul Lipschitz

Thanks for teaching in way that even us morons can understand ! I think I'm getting a new set of tools . The impact driver and screw gun is amust have .

David Wooldridge

i love you


You just got a new sub sir. Great tips on making cutting boards.

Andrew Bellinger


Nnaemeka Nwosu

Good plan by Smirin but too early...

Valor Mexia

Probably because BLACKbourne and also he was good at playing black

Manoj Kumar

Cream make


there are 2 kinds of people in this world:main()main()

Throttle aka Asperg

The direction "down" is interchangeable. Technically, the direction "down" can even lead to the center of our solar system. Just because planets in a solar system are orbiting a star and not falling into them, doesn't mean the down isn't in the direction of the center of the star. It's like when you spin a ball in a string. It isn't falling but down is still down. Down even leads to the center of Galaxies. Down is in a lot of places at once. If you point your finger at the ground and say "this is down", you're pointing your finger towards the other side of the planet and someone could be pointing down on the side of the planet and be pointing their finger at you, which means that down is underneath everyone at once, meaning it's everywhere at once.

Moe Molina

Can I get this for ps4


What's your name... I forget is it Brad :) I didn't notice the change till now. I miss it lol

jose salvador trompeta

Anyoneis not gonna do that even a begginer

Gabby MCG

In 5:15 the white must move pawn e4 to e5 (check) so the black will be queenless

Sara Hallberg-Penne

The kid spent 12 hours on that car and you destroyed it great job

Karthick Sri

Stupid unit "inch"Come to use "mm"


Can i know the timing for India ???


Why did you use brass round stock instead of pig iron?


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