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ブッシュドノエルの作り方*クリスマスケーキ Bûche de Noël|HidaMari Cooking

This is an extremely high-value set of tools from a true master of craft.Most chess players have strange accents.I'm thinking too much.They love creating violence and controversy and if you try at all to avoid it it'll just redirect.

I was kid in

I was kid in

Thank you so much for the perfect eggless cake recipe.What about Qb3 at 48:13.Steven crowder in the thumbnail!where can I buy the candy mold?Mister Bean joga muito.0:20 I wonder if Magnus wil change positive or negaive using Emanuel Laskers chess strat Playing the second best move which makes your opponent uncomfortable.

What if at 27:40 bishop

What if at 27:40 bishop

Cast iron very dusty.90% of the time you start you sentence with the word 'again', you'd never told us the content of the sentence before.You keep getting more and more entertaining.ENVY WILL NOT STOP DESTINY.You made it look so easy.I would tottally watch that anime if it were there also i thought playing 4 players chess was creative enough lol.Friends:NO WE WANT THAT CHESS!

Dude, I'm so grateful for your

Dude, I'm so grateful for your

Then one or two moves later from where he left off in the actual game and its back to "let's have another (50 minute) quick look at this".Once the cake is done do you put it in the fridge?39:00 isnt that the greek gift?You have the best chess video's man.Set Edge Flow doesn't seem to be built-in.

Thompson better just pack it up now.

Thompson better just pack it up now.

4d people can see all of earth once.Helping danya and firouzja get into the top 4.Am I the only one who doesn't have TikTok, and just watches TikTok complations on YouTube cause my parents don't allow it.An addon that is definitely missing, in my opinion, is Verge3D.This video made me laugh so hard XD.U could have put some felt inside the box that would also help keep the playing pieces from moving.11:23:03 Winning pawns - let’s go!Do you do anything to protect the urethane foam from oxidation?Next time in HTML.

Robert Buchan

just.... wow.


this is so awesome, definitely do this again for the next one. It is so awesome watching such amazing players and being able to hear nice laid back commentary. Definitely worth watching all the way through.

Paul Gray

Love all your videos and I'd like to see a whole lot more in the future so PLEASE lower your saw blade when making cuts. If you had kickback, you're done for with the blade that high. It only takes 10 seconds to lower but less that one second to lose your fingers.

Chris Richardson

Fantastic boards, just as a heads up running end grain through a planner is very dangerous. Eventually it binds and things get nasty.Speaking from experience I had one bind up about 1/4 way throught.Ended up breaking my hand and going through a cabinet when it got kicked out. I was told I was going to get bit one day didn't really believe it. I had done lots a boards,I learnt the hard way.


Do you think this will work with my Kia Rio?

Alyssa Lee

How is nobody talking about the transition from james to zach. It got 10 hotter

AllRounder Gaming

How do you decide who play will be white and who will be black in a chess competition

Lars Holger Holm

 I like your calm and matter of fact way to analyze and explain the game. Before the fatal d6 you could perhaps have mentioned the strange Zugzwang Black was in and how the move in question actually released the tension for him. But as we know from soccer and hockey, and perhaps even more so in handball, the posts are the goalie's best friends, and the fact that Carlsen had them where and when he needed them is no mere coincidence.


So it's /- infinity?I mean we say for the square roots of numbers they have two answers do why not dividing by zero

Angela Lee

Can you or someone list the title of each song? I'd like to know! Also if someone can help find music sheets for these songs I'd greatly appreciate it!

Jim Con

Brian seems like a very humble, good person.

Riko Saikawa

I’m here to learn something I already don’t know. I do doubt it since I’ve read everything Tolkien wrote about his wondrous creation ofArda :D


I wish i can hear whole soundtrack while working without Youtube paused automatically


Great player, great teacher.I learn so much from GM Svidler.His English is better than that of most Americans

Chance Watkins

This vid was so helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us, I've subscribed Jesus Christ Bless! :)


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