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Beautiful Win in 10 Moves: Paul Morphy Amazing Checkmate | chess king007

"You've got the touch" - That's gold Jerry, GOLD.Ranjith,big hand.Are the musicians in an orchestra sub-millisecond accurate?God what a good movie.

But still would have lost.Hi, sould it be possible to purchase one of these from you?Wow Fisher is a genius!Thumbnail said Super Strong Joints.And now Mike lanochi is famous?

You are robbing yourself

You are robbing yourself

No you can't get wealthy in a job but it can take years and a lot of mistakes and persistance to learn anything else.So nice to see Zvezda again!Precio por favor desde Peru.I try this and it was unbelievable.This dude is as real as it gets.Could the witch king slap Gandalf or saruman in a fight?Sana naturuan iyang lalake.Of course the energy subsided.Its what I do at least, otherwise you play bad and the idea is improving your game I guess.That's quite extraordinary.

At 5:07 why not Rxe5?

At 5:07 why not Rxe5?

Learning a lot with your classical chess videos.Thats the thing about infinity, its not a number and whatever you think is the biggest will always have a number above it.Magnus Carlsen is just listening to Music and Chill while Nakamura is Serious and Focused but still DEFEAT.I do love Ben but what's his beef with London and the 'British' people?Such a disgusting pathetic little man.Please wear your mask and ear protection especially when sanding!Because like,I have about 6 models and they take up space,I can't even begin to imagine where would you store all of yours.Duda is a real Polish Lithuanian fighter for real guys.

0:07 when shehe text

0:07 when shehe text

Javid do you teach people outside of youtube?You really don't see any benefits to the physical interaction?7:28 preparing is very hard.Caruana is tricky in his innovations in the early middle-game, but you can trust yourself.There are 3 options that black can do:Kh7,Bd8,or Qd8.Or can you reject it and continue the game?Black should have played c5.What about in video games?Sorry I'm noob I need explanation.Mitrev Arts Crafts.

Your home depot looks like my local Lowes.

Your home depot looks like my local Lowes.

Which ELO does it have?The plate should be EN8 or better.If you try to sell me something i will buy it.You can also do "mPlayer1Turn !So glad I got this before 12h.

Your job is fantastic.

Your job is fantastic.

Like ln u cng xem video nay u tin lunp.Shows we don't make things that last anymore.What a brilliant game.Carlsen blitzing is quite different."his heartrate SKYROCKETS to a B L A Z I N G 95bpm" got me so good.U try all the best versions of cake.They are look like greec.This is how you get people to panic buy further worsening any shortage.

Jesus From Hyrule

certain parts of the internet hit different...


Does Skylines have a way to simulate the effects of traffic accidents?(I haven't played a city building game since SimCity whatever).It seems in real urban planning an important feature would be the ability of a system to divert traffic without coming to a complete grinding halt while the accident is being cleared.

everything random

At 26:04 the nutcracker is on top of the tunnel


The confederates may have had god on their side, but the Union had chariots of iron.

A Philosophical Theory

I’m a gamer but not a game nerd.If I was there I would have been voted out first

john church

Very good thanks

Michel Folco

Is he showing a piss bottle to the interviewer?Lolololol

joe rond

great legs !!


Nicely explained. Im not a beginner but love the refresher!!! Thank you!


Dont move both pawns to center. It makes a bishop and knight checm repeat check until they take queen easy


It almost looks like some type of creature

Favela Club



This sounds like ghost sex

Lionel Degrace

How come you never give a material list and dimensions I would like to try it .


6:18? What if White plays rook c1 attacking the bishop and black can’t do anything so next rook captures Bishop on c8, and queen has to capture back, then knight e7 forking the king and queen?

Ninja Tokes

That moment when your doorknob turned into an electric generator.

Bappa Sinha

His father thamuz is far better then him..

Gaming with Coke

Stretching videoss

Travis Schaefer

Got laid off couple months back but the learning never stops.. thank you titan and everyone!


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