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Bedah Rumah Menjadi Bagus - House Flipper Indonesia

The snow stress ball has real snow in it.My experience has differed.Ha whata fuckin loser.It’s been a long time.This guy really made me LOLHe deserve a recognition due to his brilliant sense of humorI would buy a book from him, mainly if it is not about chess.Thank you for all wisdom.

Get Mozzy on here!I've always wondered how the circle of fifths works.21:58 "Obviously you can't play Bobby Fischer because he's dead.My son and I thank you for the lesson: he is only 5 but willing.You missed a word it isThe origins of our Russia.5 sub hours lost in march what.

My vote goes to the person that respects himself.Before you were allowed to use carbide inserts, the turning instructor used to get you grind all your own tools and the rotten sod had a plate guages to check for rake angles, clearance angles and radii.Detroit become human(ps4) android glasses.I THINK THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE NAME OF THE VIDEO IS CUTTING BOARD, IT IS NOT THINKING TO PLAY CHESS, OR FOR THIS ERROR THE CHESS BOARD ARE NOW A CUTTING BOARD.The time has come for a Game of thrones mix.I cannot thank ChessBase India enough for this amazing coverage!

Really beautiful piece of work.

Really beautiful piece of work.

I belive he is protesting Carlsen defeat.13:30 Levent Pekcan foreign version.People can just do taxes, go to lunch, and get married in a game of chess?The White Play Plan failed.Except for his bishop sacrifice to pawn.Always put the blame on yourself FOR WORKING!So a really misterious move indeed.

Concentrate on checkmate, not

Concentrate on checkmate, not

Keeping chill even when his plan went to shit and in a split of a seconds simply came up with another crushing strategy.And wouldn't everyone then have the same mitochondrial DNA (the DNA passed on through mothers only)?MY FRIEND GOT POSSESSED BY HEROBRIAN(GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL) (3AM CHALLENGE).Dvorak's 9th is not the greatest interpretation here.You play so awesomely!Me: looks at tittleMe: RIP STOCKFISH.

Still confused LMAO but good video.Mewatching rigth now March 2020.Please don't say "acrossT", there is no "t" nor "ed" in the word "across".That actually made a lot of sense.They are lighter and fluffier.Nooooo maaaaameeeees.Turned out great!

Cristhian Morales

Ben min 41:00= " magnus taught me this opening, although he did make a large wager on you" xD. ben is too funny man.

Bnh Tnh Sng

drawing good

FactsNews Kenya

How do you get this good?

Trisha Lianne Crisanto

In 3:15 who crazy punk would block P-e4? Rf1 is the move

Aleksandr D ...


Amazingrain YT

What if you placed huey on a mirror

Scott Simpey

Beautiful table Shaun. Love the overall design and look of the legs, they look really cool.

Blugale Doh

At 12:48 I will have move the rock to 1g as to sacrifice my rock.

HelpTheBlind ToSea

I think you guys should build me a house boat without instructions...Wait a minute I do want to live

Larry Brown

This was seriously a tragic event. John didn’t even have to rap his third round. I didn’t want to hear no more after johns second round.

Jonathan M.

Amazing video, as usual.


hey thanks a lot for doing this love you guys.


I love purple Rob


God I hate 3D printed vases.

isabel valdez Rodriguez

me gusto es bueno y suban mas y para 100000000 me gusta saludo


The man that said Slenderman should've gotten voted off honestly.... From the first vote

rainbow twister

Time 24:50 you are a complete dumbass u should have moved any other piecethen on ur next turn get a queen or at least get the king away from the pawn in some way


Why didn't black get the white knight at 1:56?

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