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Beginner Chess Openings - ⚔️ The Stonewall Attack (Part 2) - Zukertort System

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You are truly one of my favorites but also the BEST!Orb over ur head bro after the finger.Sao khng dy tt b7 len d6.

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Its very difficult to scare me.This is the fastest growing industry I think I've ever seen.I inspire this tricks.I have given it a, 'thumbs up' - for the effort, alone.Pano mag lagay ng skin sa magic chest,replyyyyyy poo salamat.Anh cng chi gii th.How much it will cost to me ?Great commentating!

Why the opponent

Why the opponent

Esse cara do violino enche o saco.This piece is absolutely incredible!I'm your big fan!Thanks to people who shareupload these clips.It makes me want to break my teeth out with a hammer.

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Toonyman B. Studios

For 4th riddle the first person or man will be the one who knows his colour or it could be man two but one sees the patterns in front of him2 and 3 using logic you can easily see it that way. This one seems to have a parodox of sort as it can still have two answers. Logic those not have to work in only one way! well that is my deduction anyway! the 2nd man is the winner here.

Dragon Dude

The fact they say game cards can't talk has to be there for a reason!

Christopher Murray

17:53 don't feel entitled, this is your career. I'm a cook by trade, I'm not apologetic about my multitude of knives or stones, or the decade it's taken me to decide which work best for me.I've probably bought about 20 knives in my career, but only carry 6 with me.Took a long time to learn what worked for how I work.

Michael Nowak


An R key

Thanks, Jay. A really helpful video.

nonci pratama

Who won?


Very nice! I do remember every single moment. Especially the livestreams. Actually missing them... for 300k there hasn't been a livestream unfortunately....


222,299 veiws,wot

Joe -

Put some ice on that eye, scrappy old man


What inside a clock

Will Scarlett

What are their ratings? Why miss that important information off?

Jeiane Bolivar

Nkakaiyak nmn po,

Tim Ivanov

Advice - watch in 2

Jivan Scarano

Now do it with a double discovered check, lol. Rook on g8, king on g3, bishop gives check on c7, f4 blocks the check, and gxf3 e.p. gives a double discovered checkmate!

tracey williams

you say you have been there three times if you used theboard have ya ever said goodbye after using boardseriously you need to stop fuking wid toms spirit

The Ram



KC the best chess commentator.

Sun Wan

What happens after 1. ... Nf6?

NitroAmi Bob

Strength and honour


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