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Mato you miss force mate with Qe1.Jay,I downloaded your file on the chess board and could not get it to open, I want to make a board for my son and did not know if you had any step by step and illustrations, thanks, Robert.We used to spice up our chess by allowing all pieces to upgrade at the opponent's rank.Would anyone be generous enough to advise on the epoxy i would use on such a project?Loss200 for product800 he gave to ladyTotalRs1000 he lost for which he didnt get any value in return.

Why Alpha always plays with white

Why Alpha always plays with white

Some times I think that he is claiming to be a non-fictional cousin of one of these characters.Kung mag asawa din ako kung sakali.That first game makes me love magnus even more.The point is chess is not actually fun if you're someone like me.I like to drillmill in the center holes while the gears are still on the mill, that way you get them right on center.Who discovered it.Jean made way too many mistakes and blunder, the first was d3.Naka: "oh I blundered my pawn on c6"Me, 1050: "your pawn isn't even attacked wtf.I can make chess myself.Gracias y felicitaciones.

I HAVE CHALK BOMBS TOO.Greenbreakcase 3:Button01.The problem is x may equal to 0 qnd at that case we can not devide x.I don't think even stockfish and alpha zero can stand a chance against Tal.Looks to be a fun hobby.What about automation engineering.Reinstate chess in the Olympics.

I am waiting for you.

I am waiting for you.

A good teacher teaches you how to play.For 300k there hasn't been a livestream unfortunately.Chess club Patna koi address do bhaiya.Support my channel, please, if it's not difficult for you, thank you.Then accidentally open a gateway.I guess that's why l lose so often lol.

Nominate 4 hottest-chess-player award.

Nominate 4 hottest-chess-player award.

If you use the command "unfollow", it should stop that (next time!These two cold solve world peace.Isn't this just like 1 infinity ?You are great sir.And one of your family members are free.I thought you have 500K subs to 1M then at the end of the video you only have 29 subs?This could be made into a Disney movie.Damn Kasparov you got a problem.Simpler solution for 10 10 10:(101010)!Soap ca ti u :(.

That was genuinely fascinating to watch.Please remember that a lot of these supplies might be laying around our homes, or you could easily and cheaply pick them up in a junk yard.This was awesome, thank you.Tks for The video.Your mind isevery thinginscience.The queen is the king's chief of staff.I highly suggest making a board like this if you are still interested.Good to see Zach employ my own lucky win method.Question 2:At time 11:49 when you bishop occupies e5, why is the campaign shifted to the d4 complex again?Since I have a Suburban, sheet goods will lie flat inside the truck and be protected from the weather.


The black dude is completely on drugs..

Manish Vyas

The are so fast and agile. Almost like watching a fast forwarded video. Super fast skills.

Abdo Ali

What about queen d2 knight d5


BRAND NEW Merch design IG.

Billy Kotsos

RIP SATORU IWATA.A BRILLIANT AND UNIQUE MIND.His father never wanted him to pursue a games career.

Joshua Fetter

I love it. Pure, frantic, bullet chess. Nothing else is needed.

mr nothing

7:00 . Mashalah such a cute baby. Please don't put him on timber like that :) lol--- excellent job done. How much did the project cost?how did you secure the countertop and the sink? Did you screw it on the support wooden bars from below?

Christoph Tantscher

AlphaZero adopts StockfishStockfish adopts MagnusMagnus adopts HikaruHikaru adopts EricEric adopts Botez...

Creamy Beef

I confess, Trickymate was me, I was using my fedora and several ladies orgasmed behind me.

Ryan Landes


NooBie Gaming

The same artwork is sold next to my house for $150!


Sorry about that?

Ty Demitroff

I tell people I'm not afraid of the dark, but what's in it...

Karut Molek


John Car

I went to your website to download the plans and no joy?Can't find the download link? Great job on building this CNC!

Chess with Suren

For Mikhail Tal's game mentioned in the video follow the link!

Yazan Abbadi

Again instant dislike and looking for another chess video cuz you shared a game of israeli.. Children killers

Herbert Smith

He actually starts explaining the 'Elephant Trap" at 3:00Skip to here to avoid unnecessary first 3mins.


I thought "Wait a minute. Let me back this up and hit pause". I about died laughing when I saw ski mask, lighter fluid, rope, burlap bag, on your list Steve. Now that was funny.

Adrin Marmolejo

im really enjoying this man


This is really cool.


So what he’s talking about at around six minutes, the lighter the weight around the wheeels, is that the sameIdea with drag cars why they useSkinnies In the fromt and fatties in the back for grip?


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