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Best Chess Game of Anand vs Carlsen in Hindi

Outstanding game from Bobby Fischer.I thought I was just watching another cool machining video.US Everyone tries to do the right thing even if the leader is wrong.Soooo Good, thanks for sharing.I don't think Bilbo smoked tobacco.Find the targets (?

I love the lighting.French is a lot of fun.Thought they we're jordan 5's lol.Someone get Anna an intern and a redbull.The colors are weird.Saw the first and the last one!This may sound weird, but when i play on chess.

It's a moral e boost to our

It's a moral e boost to our

My Dad let me help him as well as watch him do some repairs on the house and his vehicles.I have a question: Can pure brute Force still beat AlphaZero?In the Spirit of Mikhail Tal.I like Slav defence.The other guy just sucked at endgames and screwed the position.

I'm rated 2000 on LiChess and Easy mode gets me problems in the 1800 range, while Hard gets me 2100-2200 problems.I don’t really like cheese rules to be honest.Teacher: the test wasn't that confusing.Andreas, sieht bis jetzt super aus.Reminds me of deathclock.Hello, we required to setup the same setup for our office.Mai inko LUDO mein hraa doongaWHO agree.Don’t even give them fricking money, I’m serious!I figured this out on my own after physically using matchsticks.Jerry, really great explanatory videos - you are the best chess teacher I ever had.

The "amateur" did a pretty good

The "amateur" did a pretty good

Cough cough sneeze.I am in drop year and today got all my doubt cleared in multinomial theorem Thank you sir.In Japan, this master craftsman would be a National Living Treasure.You need a good set of rasps.This has got to be my favorite series!En una palabra, Hermosa.Did the research so y'all dont have to- neither model supports charging over usb-c.

5:35 why exactly do you

5:35 why exactly do you

(5:45) - What about g-g3 instead of f3 to counter the threat of mate?Soluton (a2b2)(1ab)(a2b2)-((a3bb3a)(1ab))-----(a2b2)-((ab)(a2b2)(1ab))---- (a2 b2-nab)----- where n is integer as condition told in question.Definitely not the banana.They are both scary, powerful and deadly in the films.0:51 is where u should start watching from.PHOTO CHALLENGE (WARNING: SPOILERS).One of these days I'm going to offer GM Finegold time odds.People who take time to explain things beautifully, SUBSCRIBED!

Efficiency V pick - Honeyed WordsGood Axe - Comb Crusher.By the wayafter seeing this vedio ithinking where was the lighter made.Who said more is better sometimes it's true but some of the antics could have been left out so with that be stated i liked this video and it's blend with other chess variants gj.The 266 unlikers pressed the thumb button mistakenly.Wow this is really cool!

On the ending though I would capture the queen and I would march my pawns to victory i don't take risks.I would love to see that.I'm trying to find a solid refutation for this gambit.Wood glue, jeez, who needs a list for wood glue.I thought live edge had lives edges?This looks so awesome, very nice work.If he killed the pawn with his knight and rehide his knight the plan will be destroyed?  Someday I might want to try a project like this, but I haven't touched a lathe since 8th grade!

Rodrigo Athayde

Made my night

David Figueroa

how can you do this but with snake and ladders?



Ben Youmans

I loved the boards.Don't understand why the grove with the router around the top.Seems like a bacteria gathering place and makes it hard to clean

Tonio Mapomapo

1:19 is Kd6 a good move ? I'm a noob and I'd appreciate any advice or explanation, thanks !

Michael Peavey

Great job and even better advice. I enjoy the channel.

Reuben Hopper

This video is 3 minutes long not 2.


The audio and video were out of sync for me on mobil

Fernando Gutierrez

I love your work. Keeep working! And growing!


2:17 gives me a lot of anxiety


Very interesting video, start to finish. Thanks for sharing


" " .

Noy BoySample

funny they call carlini the hustler here....might be the other way around guys

Wild Bore

8:31 why doesn't anderssen capture the pawn on h6 at this point?

Kozy .k

2:33 white lady

Steven D.

Fun game and as always you explain what makes some of the positions interesting so well. I learn a lot watching your channel.


I absolutely love watching top players playing over the board blitz.  This was truly a treat. THANKS

P Hu

The release mechanism technically lets go of the disc on the "steep" curve before it lets go of the other two. This gives the steep curve a slight head start which probably makes the steep and brachistochrone curves hit the finish line closer in time than they should.

Jc Python

Gatorade bottles are also great for wood glue.

Herr Schnupke

I saw this game, before you were born Ben. :)

Zzyzx Wolfe

Too bad they wouldn't you put in a nice, rack mount router! I always hate having to stuff non-rack mount equipment in racks.

LegendShaan -

Hey heyThe queen is related to the prophet Muhammad and Trump is related to him too!All this just proves that we shouldn’t hate on one each other we are all one big family and we are more connected than we think


Damn. French defense is much cooler than I thought

Bea Casiano

A semester of biology, indeed.


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