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Best Games of Fabiano Caruana, with GM Ben Finegold

Aapne kon SA red colour use kiya.I'm a huge fan of Nakamura, he seems really nice too.But I quite did NOT understand the move 5:40, how did the black pawn get into b3 when it was empty?Seems more plausible but id have to put it in the engine in case im missing something.Remember USA the government works for us.If we do get a Karpov Saga, I’d love to hear Antonio’s thoughts on a Karpov vs.The dislikes are from people who didn’t watch to the end of the video where they clean the ducks up.

PUPUNTA DIN SILA!Bhaii game ka link do.I think offering your Queen should’ve counted as a sacrifice.Plx invent me you're group.The loneliest game ever.I think Jerry was so concerned about a fortress being made in this video because of his 151-move brilliancy he had against stockfish, using a fortress lol.Does the equipment come with the control application where you have to create it yourself?

Did you fall on that desk push off move at the end?Computer science major here and I love seeing your solutions to the toy problems that can be applied to all sorts of situations.I love how no nonsense, no bullshit Eugene is in this episode.Moe sargi u need a beating lol u need to think bout u wife and cats man.Magnus lost to Caruana.

Good job, keep it

Good job, keep it

Did this become the square off chessboards or is that a separate thing entirely?If you think deeply enough about the symmetry method it will yell you why the transition matrix method works.No "Sweet Victory"?I hope we'll see more of her on Numberphile!If i knew about your videos I would've been much better at it, you mix humor with information and I think thats amazing.Why do you have blue arrows this time?I really like this masterpiece :-).Nhanh ln thy i hihi.And less roads for traffic jams.

4:30 knight to g5 followed by queen

4:30 knight to g5 followed by queen

Especially when it works out!He became friends with my brother they'd hang out when he visited from Seattle.Great channel actually learning from it.Which compiler ?I didn’t even watch 2 minutes of the video and Michael already had me doing this shit.How is this legal?The bottle water at Dubai international airport cost 1 AED which was amazing,.

Wiley CoyoteSr

Watched the entire series. I'm impressed beyond words.100 years from now people will view the video's and build a shrine in your honor. For now a statue will do. :-)

Jean Paul Garcia Gilon

Gracias por ensear

Nomad Heros


Lil Pea

Imagine if it wasn't recording

Shallow Cal

Biggest blunder ever for GM's?Possibly... I guess that depends on what the match was for... like a lot of money, or the World Championship.

Stephen Phelps

Man's gotta love circles

Matheus Piai Bianconi

Amazing...I try to make this here in Brazil.

Cheryl Birdsong-Juneau

Seems pointless to me.Lots of methods to make a chopping block - this has to be the most impractical.

Andrew Brown

Cool, novel design, Shaun, but I'd wind up with a shattered mug and a coffee stain to clean up.

Bobby Epps

Came for the games, stayed for the commentary."Skewer town!""Sac the rook, hit 'em with the fork you follow?"I laughed harder at this shit than I do watching most stand up specials lol

Kyle Leggat

This gives me a migraine

Simon Patterson

Two pinned knights don't phase Magnus, he's always cool as a cucumber.

Salvatore Saccoccio

Not bad for a handyman, what I don’t get is why are the walls painted right to the door jambs, the trim is primed and the door is still raw, I’ve never come across this on the job. Miter’s are tight but It looks like the trim isn’t flush to the wall. I’ll be quite now.

Yerassyl Saibulatov

Jesus, what a voice!!My ears are held hostage in Nirvana!

Vovka Xplorer

i think this is gonna work out? oh NOOOOO i just droppe dmy Queen :D

liu chang de

dud am the one come in and there up the wall do you thank am crazy?

Dexter Canda

I asked my boyfriend to teach me chess because I wanted to learn tho' but then we play it in actual, I feel dumb confuse.. gosh I forget their moves... I'm a little bit confuse with his explaination too. Well thanks to you. you explained it so well.


24:42 Analysis says the position was super-winning for Carlsen (white), but Rxd6 was a big blunder, as it loses immediately to ...Qa5. Carlsen should have instead gone Qa6 first.


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