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Beware!: Harvey Weinstein's Conviction Is Chess, Not Checkers

Sir Is Gambit Ko Avoid karne k lie Simple Development move kar sakte hai after a3We can play KnightF6And Plz Reply Of My Comment On Your Hindi Chess Channel.Why are you not a GM yet?Agadmator Congratulations for 1M views!It's a tech version of Peter Handke's Publikumsbeschimpfung, where the actor on stage degrades and insults the audience for their bourgeois traits, only here it's Linus Torvalds insulting and degrading everything Debian at a Debconf and not holding back.13:27 was my favorite part lmao.

I think Harrelson has a genius level IQ.Is there anyway to get a track list?The fact real speed-runners are getting bashed for having fake runs annoys me.I'm waiting for his new book from prison, "How much it sucks when you sit in jail for murder that you claimed was self defense but everyone knows it wasn't".

That is an awesome chessboard!

That is an awesome chessboard!

And conducted hundreds and hundreds of site prep control burns and no doubt burned enough crotch wood to keep this guy busy for a thousand years.Omg moe love the video.First like First Comment.The board itself is nice.At 1:14:24 you can here the wispering agian say yhee or like just making wispering sound.This video and its comments are gold.When did the Republicans and Democrats swap ideologies?49:10Why not capture c3 x d2 check when white moves d2-d4?Can you offer anysuggestions?Then he can take the rook on f1 but either night then plays d2 forcing bishop away or he could capture pawn g1 which king cannot defend becauseof d6 queen i mean that's kinda hard.

I heard it's like $30 so I'm keeping it in it's best condition!Originally it's a trap by Reti.And the translations were not very good in parts.I suggest you drink water.Both of mine cost 300 fully loaded on craigslist.This Lecture is full of great speeches 3.Bro 1000 views pochu na than amnt edukkanmudiuma illa views Ku thaguntha maathiru edukka mudiyma.But the question is how would we know if the top player in forza horizon is a real human?Fantastic door, I first made one when I was an apprentice but only 1 12 inch thick with no power tool.Can you make a sword next video.

With the fundamental theorem of

With the fundamental theorem of

I hope you continue for many more years.5:52 sao li ko n xe nh.9:33 your camera is dimming and brightening on its own.I think it might remove some of the frustration and improve your win rate.I love Bobby's shadesJust sayin.Edit: So he wanted to be famous.I always wonder.I used the same ones to re-profile a few of my knives on a rip off apex edge pro, and the labelled grits are way off, not to mention they dish out in no time.It should be illegal to post a live chess vid and not have the analysis board in the corner.


Epic exploration of the battle for world supremacy, thank you.

Willian Bueno

I love you comentingthese games Jerry please do it more of these videos


GREAT analysis m8.!!

Nicholas Granat

Very enjoyable!

Iskander Said

A network where all nodes interact would easily be a map... Just make a pizza where every slice of the pizza is a country. At the center all slices are connected at the tip.

Chris G.

Only $10 (plus $4000.00 in equipment!) Lol

maria teresa samdao


Glen Baker

So you took the bait? I knew fox news was taking a left turn.

P Sblad

No music!!!THANK YOU!!!

Nuno Andre

I'm also part of that small group. Thank you for your long and educational video :)

Trevor Brown

I wonder how it would go in a smoke filled room, just wondering?

Andrew Hall

This video isn't really instructive. How is it instructive? It's basically showing this man's genius.

Branigan Irby

Where is all this repair I have to wait for church or work versus work or don’t work past the time off either of the current group just call that grass feel


Nice and great Work

Punit Basu


Krishy Fishy

are you guys on tik tok if your not you should


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