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I want to learn a view traps but fail to remember.I thought I was going to see a craft tutorial.Hahahahahaha this was Amazing!

Feliz Natal para voce e sua familia.Without a dought, you are one hell of a craftsman.What program are you playing on?Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!S: I WAS A TEENAGER WIT MY PAL ALEX I GOT A DECKIN ORDER FOR US TO MAKE A PORTABLE RECORDER:700 465 MAGS USED 4 INCH REELS OF QUARTR INCH TAPE: SOUNDED GOOD: FORGOTTEN: sorry about caps.

Training with engines and more theory, especially openings.Is there any power tool that you do not have?3:28 Also the biggest Shortfiller xD.19:33 WTF, Only Carlsen bishop's can jump over his pawns hahaha.9: 50 minute night b2 black win queen.I watch your video and im like.This documentary is bizarre.Some annotated games can be pretty sterile.There are some with footage of matches but none with analysis as comprehensive and educational as this.

Next level thumbnail bait.

Next level thumbnail bait.

Me: I'm curious.Looks like a funny project but i think it looks even better if you hide the joint.Nice way to back into algebraic numbers.Can I please ask where you got the plans for the workbench?HiThe oil that you coated for the finish, is it food-safe?This is so good!When finally finished, he up and put it in the water.I would die for this woman the ENERGY she exudes is iconic.My ball Si 7 ponuds.

Very interesting video.

Very interesting video.

Ah so this is the way to play planet coster.White made an elligal move when castled long the king was in check dood.I liked seeing Magnus smile and laugh against So, but I did think it was out of character, and he doesn't do it too much here.And by the way, after regaining the queen white can simply capture the rook.They would trade all of their rooks away, but Carlsen would take black's queen, because black's took would have to retake the rook after it took the G pawn, or it would soon be mate.Because the Kingcannots penetrates for White on a8 !Hmmm, your queen got skewered off by your king and enemy's bishop :)In 12:12 its not a checkmate,.MONEY IS NO WHICH IS IMPORTANT BUT POWERITS TWIN FROM BIRTH.Help me understand please?Bro why are you trembling?

Very great videoit teaches how to develop the analysis mind bravo!Don't create a panic.Now I know why Anna Rudolf loves leather bound books.Did not get a single puzzle.:)Absolute beginner here:I know we talked about trading being disadvantageous when behind material, but what happens if at 15:07 - Bxe4 fxe4Rxf8 Rxf8Qxe5This seems reasonable for white, currently up a pawn in the exchange, and forking two currently undefended pawns.Does anybody know what his opening was?What would that equate to in "grit"?Great analysis and thanks for the channel.

Innus world

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Afzal Ansari

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Your biscuits are too tight. They have probably swelled due to humidity. The biscuits are made to swell when glue is applied. The concept of a biscuit joiner is the same as a floating tenon and edge to edge joining are obviously stronger using tenons if you care to think about it. The joints are more forgiving and slightly adjustable after glue up making it a better choice for mortise and tenon in some circumstances.

Keith D

It is ZED not ZEE

Kobie Kaasjager

Absolutely stunning and fantastic your work is amazing.

Maksim T

I think I saw you in the train

Bryan Perry

Another great vid...Thank you...!!!


my names adam it was like you were really talkimg to me lol im listening

somnath indisputable investor

I will be a good Investor

Arajeet N sikdar

Nice Indian

Richard Berry

Shit west thing ive watched in years no offence dont like chezs

BladerYohan 1213

Im the one who viewed 666,666th view


Love the commentary. Hate the cutting away ffs.

Jon Cleek

JB, caught on to your channel from watching Chess Network and your battles with Danny Rensch. This is a GREAT way to learn about this instructive game. It's fun that you give us a chance to think like Morphy (with a little help haha). It's also nice to see a few "over the board" and still be able to distinguish the pieces. Thanks for posting!


"Okay" is Ben's version of a rimshot.

Sandhya Zade

I tried it and it was great and easy.

Malcolm Abram

I thoroughly enjoy your videos, but this for me is not a good one.Fischer won as Addison played poorly.

Liberals Destroyed Youtube

I love chess but Chess bloopers has to be the most unfunny thing I’ve ever watched


You suck.

Bob P

I had dinner with Karpov the other day and it took him 3 hrs to pass me the salt.

Science Loop

Which software this is ?Please answer :

Jan Roldan Oriendo

ang lupit!! bright future for this young kid! Sana masuportahan!

super snake

If both did the same strat who will win is it the first player or the second?


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