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ToT can you do a video like a shop tour, going over what equipment you have?Plzzz send me your number.That really is beautiful mate.7 parts of a whole.So really there is only 5 people I am close to and will do anything for if needed.It seems he will be Vlads successor.Sah bi tik gider o zman tehditden kurtulur.It's a fuckin art, that I know Sir,.

Dear Jerry this

Dear Jerry this

I remember seeing and going to sharper image shop in Bristol back then.I’ve messed up my back a time or two moving these huge sheets around.Unique and 1 of a kind.A ttc i anh nh chess.Why did black resign at that point?I come here 7 months later and watch your videos over and over.Originality top class.Anyone else thinks he sounds like FPS Russia?Could you please do something like this for a circular saw?

Congratulations.I have a question for good players at 11:45, after horse move d4 to C6 as black I would have move the tower on d7 to D1 check so the other turret as to take and then move horse on g 4 to e 3 fork.I was hoping to hear some numbers stations.You have to live under a stone cut off from all socials to not know the results if someone is waiting for you.I challenge any of you who thinks that is a smart move to set that up against the computer and see how well you do.

Linus Tech Tips.

Linus Tech Tips.

DegreesThe 5th angle 11.Join me or other Youtubers for a turn style game: K.Ass you tongue must taste like you reamed shit.Great video sir.Masterclass, A joy to watch.Why is it that you raise the grain’ prior to sanding andor applying a finish?

Adam Goble

Stony ocean. She is very thorough


LOL.Eric, next time you see ARFARFARFARF1, picture a dog barking.

Phoenix Moore

Absolutely amazing, very well done, A piece I'd be very proud to display.

Demetrius Thomas

Fuck them haters

Gacha Crush

I’m back!

Elite Machine Works

I really like the exoslide. I'm just curious about having the one with the hard metal bearings wearing down soft aluminum extrusion. There's a reason they don't make linear rails/rods from aluminum.



adam fleisch

Looks awesome! After seeing this video I had to make a video of myself making one! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tiano Da Conceicao

Cool build, man. Maybe for the mine chains instead of using clear dowels try hang the chains over a cup on a stick and pour resin down them and harden them while they're hanging. Since it's only holding up those tiny mines it doesn't need that much strength, just enough to stay in shape until the full model is poured.

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