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Black History Month - Edwina B. Kruse

The scrapskeetball misses I'm talking about.I am so happy with so little.Dragon Heartstring.The GM did not see it coming.Moving that stock around with the blade still running gave me serious anxiety.

Of the many items of interest to which one could possibly draw attention, you chose an obscure detail in the background of an approximately 50 year oldadvertisement.Isnt a planks length the smallest thing in the universe, like anything smaller it doesnt exist.Kids like this is the reason why bullying exists.Heck, even f4 is more sensible than it unless you want to play a very boring and positional but cramped game as white.

A large, thin flat metal

A large, thin flat metal

Try to create a small oven and just use molten metal to heat it up so like pour all the molten metal into the oven and let it heat it up and then pour molten metal on the outside of the oven and then pack it with sand to keep the heat inside.Watching his games, I really felt sad we lost morphy too early :(.Everybody liked that.Ambait po nya tas family first po, hindi madamot.The opponent played perfectly grabbing the 5-point and bar point.Calculates a whole game mid-game.Just a couple little whisps and fibers, just right.He was eliminated by bhaskaran adhiban.

I procrastinated my senior capstone which was supposed

I procrastinated my senior capstone which was supposed

13:35 and onward, the by far most played response to e5 is.I want a new prodigy to dethrone Magnus just to see how his demeanor changes.Can we get that next please?The captions XD hello cheese lovers.Liegt das an der Mischungdem Produkt oder dem Anschleifen?Are you guys ready!Is it prone to separating or popping off if the piece is dropped?Absolutely brilliant Titan.

That quote is amazing.Do they not check people out before allowing adoption!One of the finest game on exchange variation of QGD.Once I was playing with may friend and he also tried to attack me the same way, what I simply did after he brought his knight to G5, I place my Knight to A5, he was force to move his bishop to B5.I only buy TORX :).

So many " Anthems out there.

So many " Anthems out there.

I think this is gonna be exactly like Wizard's Chess.Amazing job, you are a great artist well done.- the videos are magic, keep up the good work mo chara, go raibh maith agat :) (Irish).Believe it or not i won with this against a 900 player.Such nice ideas for carving.Especially if he’s asian.

Harvey Andrews

if he would have gotten life for killing that black girl all those lives would have been saved

Sharath Shetty

Is this correspondence chess?

Kristin Crumpler

having momentary peace doesn't mean you've given up your weapons, it just means you don't need them at the moment.

aladin 75

just offer a draw in the last game-plus 2 points and first place!great game, but no luck

Vishal sharma


Nikki Quilaton

can’t you just say the color of the hat of the person in front of you??

Begin Transformation

You got some soy in your voice. Work on that.

Terminator T-800

Can't you just slow down a bit when you talk you sound caffeineoff ya nut. Slow down a bit John.


Just OMG!! They were telling a beautiful story through music I love it!!!

Mountain View Turning

Neat video

khairil azwin

kasparov: i dont need queen!!me: i will not sacrifice my queen for save the king eventhough my king would be checkmate after next move..

g nijboer

this code is based on 2 players but can you maybe explain how I can get 4 players. I have been struggeling because the code is made with a true and false and that is not possible for 4 players. Do you have a solution?


"Why are you doing this?" "Because it's fun!"

Lucy Lincoln

I would love to see a blooper reel from all of you restoration guys.

Paolo Donadeo

Only... WOW!

Ibnu Sina


madhavi latha

This inspires

Rockstar Player

Indians discovered calculas....both are wrong.... indian old text already containtext on about Madhava of Sangamagrama which people know as leibniz series...i cant say if they copid but certianly there didnt discover it...

MobilePlayer YT

I really thought that it was going to be a working , flying plane unless I watched it till the end .Guess I am such an Idiot .However , nice video I also like your other videos . Keep it up .

Reyniel Tanchico

Eugene looks natural while shaking the thing

Yolima Alban

HoLa shoy la thorre jsjsjs

George Fulford

Thanks a lot for this awesome video! I am in the process of making a rather unique chessboard and was looking for inspiration for the chess pieces. This vid has given me some great ideas! Thanks again :)


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