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Black Wins Against 1.d4 | Games to Know by Heart - IM Eric Rosen

Love the video- can you control the burn to create a certain pattern?Who is your favorite?Mangnus is a wimp.You dont use a water level to check ifyou are in level.

But what is the most common game in the data base?"Sometimes I say back to d1 when.Ivanchuck : Hold my beer.I thought Johnny Depp was in the thumbnail.Sehr gutes Video!)I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong, but you cleared it up for me.Thats the craziest cnc i've seen in my life.Very smart and modest man.Watching this video was really fun.

Just the right amount of glue lol.It doesn't matter what you do, I will never forget that chicken nugget video.Clear measurement cake super.If you make the resin sticks out of the same mix as the rest of the resin, it'll help.The shoeless brother.MY FRIEND GOT POSSESSED BY HEROBRIAN(GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL) (3AM CHALLENGE).

Lesson to be learnt: Mathematicians have too much free time.I recently purchased a set of Jessem fence guides and it makes sheet cutting so much easier with the guides angled 5 degrees back to the fence.The bonus of learning to weld.Support your fellow genius!Rather than cutting the individual squares out, I'd have cut strips of wood and then glued them together making a striped board, then cut the board into strips the other way, and glued the strips together again to make the checkered board.

Next title idea: LUMINA.

Next title idea: LUMINA.

Do you have a web site where you sell these products?Can't believe Carlsen missed that, that was the only obvious line to go for.A new subscriber, keep-em coming, friend.But since most 8-Tracks spent most of their life in a hot car they tend to look terrible so I only collect Quad 8 because they tend to be in better shape.I think the stickers are cool!Is it just me or does that look like markiplier?Charles Darwin is real father of all religions.Nooooooooooooo reeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd.For those who don't know: it's the number of atoms in the universse.Great video, thank you!

The irritating nature must be coming from the other side.Midpoints stay midpoints, lines stay lines, so the intersection point has to stay intersection point.I really like your burning technique, really looks great!Carpenters, fishers,hunters, lumberjacks, and woodcarving artist all use this type of knife in finland.You did in the Entitiy class in the settings function just anim awithout writing a copy construktor in the class Animation.I know hes fair.Tried solving it as soon as he said the "wheredoes it equal 0" and found -2, but then unpaused and he goes on to say no those are easy to find we need to find THESE ones on this line.

Watching this while eating breakfast is my thing now.I've looked around a bit and there are options, but as you have restored many planes, I'd love your input.Im otw:On the way On the water One of my usual lies tho whenever im going somewhere with my friends.Now i have to print it :D.And what about vodka?Did he call the dolls sluts?Because he is ranked higher and is usually ahead in the tourney.I swear if this shit starts spreading rapidly I am not leaving the house.This is how I imagine DIY.

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i like the choice of thumbnail

Yam Belliones

Made me crykahit transgender ka you will always be a mother.


Thank you mato :)

Kato X

Interesting video, very nicely explained with good humor :)



Ken Shun

This question is completely flawed. The logic in the video is based on the assumption that actually does not provide additional information to either A and B.Case 1, which is what I think the video assumed: when question asked 18 or 20, both A and B know either one of these has to be the correct answer. Therefore, A knows B sees 6 or 8 and B knows A sees 10 or 12. All the thought process starting from day one that "A sees at most 18 and B sees at least 2 because they both pass turn" falls apart (because this information is more general than what they already know, completely useless) I stopped watching the video because I know the rest of the logic will not follow.Case 2, question asked 18 or 20 trees total but the true answer can be any number. This is not possible to solve by passing turns simply not enough information.I enjoy a lot of your riddles but not this one.


so rammstein's lead singer's grandpa was into maths.. cool!

Bobby Patterson

Noticed I was trying to tell u as if we were in same room but amazing both show and play

Alexander Micharski

This was on my recommended for about a year and a half, until now I decided to watch it.

a fanny rivera m

NAKAMURA: Y si te jugaba esto y lo otro...????CARLSEN: Ah... igual te ganaba, porque soy el mejor!!jaaaa

Karl Klouzer

I had the Sex Pistol's 'Never Mind the Bollocks...' on a bright pink 8-Track!

tambani madega

please visit joubert park chess you will see the guy called the hustler details

tambani madega

Thats SELLO MOALUSI Number 4 in the park He has no Ratinga real chess hustler who does not receive time odds in the whole park EVEN MAGNUS CARLSEN WILL SUFFER AS THEY SAY IN THE ABSENCE OF THE BEST THE WORST ARE THE BEST


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