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What if Black C4?Podras mostrar como has echo tus mquinas caseras ?2 thumbs, 8 fingers.There just isn’t enough time to make more to have shipped in time for Christmas.If black moved kxf8, then black will lose the game.I will try it for myself."Magnus Carlsen's worst defeat".If you are changing B is ba in the formula at the start of the video its just the normal quadratic formula.

Instructions unclear, invade Normandy.Your recipe is delicious.Ang bagal ni dyrroth mag ss.1v1 dyrrot lodi.How dumb can this dude be ?This is the real life nutty professor.A master craftsman at work.

If the cemeteries soils were to wet the wooden coffin will be use instead.Pretty interesting that Azerbaijan has no world champion on chess."wid-th" instead of width.Therefore the people wander like sheep oppressed for lack of a shepherd.That he was a really loyal, companion to Goofy, who was a strange version of Pluto.It feels like a warp disruption or somthing.Hey so does anyone have a video on Youtube of Rachael defending le gays?Why did Karpov play Ke2 at 6:28 and not Rd1 immediately?6:30: TubeTool6:46: BSurfaces7:21: Loop Tools7:45: Node Wrangler (Extra Features)8:15: Face Builder8:25: Render Burst8:41: Material Slot Cleaner9:04: Projectile9:29: Real Camera Other Real Things10:06: Archimesh10:33: Archipack10:50: Building Tool11:30: Blender GIS11:40: Ivy Generator11:52: QBlocker12:46: Carver MT13:21: GCUT13:21: HDRi Sun Aligner13:55: Discombobulator14:12: Shortcut VUr14:45: BY-GEN15:18: JMeshJSculpt Tools15:35: Blender is seriously awesome on its own too!Call the pick axe beedrill (like the pokemon).

'poison in the position', I have never heard

'poison in the position', I have never heard

Can we create form without table tag?What am I missing?Yup take note of your paranoia.This is the frenchiest way to cut food.Well that's it for the moment, and as always, thanks for watching.Mksh bang materix menambah wawasan.I found myself a little apprehensive at first, because Medo was not around:) As soon as he made an appearance, I was able to concentrate on the chess.

Bobby was so young here.May the best mind win :).Then it upside down and tap the bottom, if you havent poured it all the way to the top, it should release and pop right out onto the table.Very good game by Anderssen, considering how the match was going for him.Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.I hope you didn'y have too much dammage.Great job well done by a Master of his trade.Kasparov was helping Magnus secretly.Video"immediately checks the length of this video928 likes?Plastic cutting boards make a nice surface for sliding on, you don't have to use the wax.

Dufresne is pronounced Doo-Frain.

Dufresne is pronounced Doo-Frain.

Hey Jerry, I love these videos you make.Nice job but if you were not doing it for yourself you would be charging a fair price to make some money on it.A question was once asked to Nakamura.This is really fascinating how Stockfish has a magnitudes higher calculating capacity, but this AI somehow seems to understand the game better.Why did you use the pencil to shade a square on the paper?Mato you miss force mate with Qe1.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!Those trees throw off the entire scale of the diorama.

Without a doubt,you are an artist.

Without a doubt,you are an artist.

42:15 the Ryu peach emerges!Another serial killer on death row that was released to ease overcrowding.Sir do you have job opening for cnc experienced person.However, these days it's more like being fashionable without being functional.Yes plans would be fantastic." - Charles Buxton.


Holy I thought he was mated at 36:00.1:44:122:10:22

Marlon Samora

Simple and nice. Well done!!

Gopal Srinivasan

good  but old game

the toiletries you steal from the hotel

I normally teach myself via trials and mistakes, your videos are teaching a whole lot :D

James Donaghy

And it is as of move 335 we have a completely new game.Lol

Hoony K.

that move at 9:14 and the music change...


Why does Michael have so many tabs open?11:19

Lobo Mangrich


Sujith Ishtar

You repeat your words a bit too much. It can get kind of annoying, hearing the same phrases 4-5 times in a paragraph. Pretty good video otherwise.


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