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Bobby Fischer's most outrageous chess game! - The "Game of the Century"!

Make another video teaching how to open the box!The Paganini of trombone and cornet is JB Arban with the carnival of Venice (yes that one but by arban).I found it I was all like I think he should move the thingie with the odd shaped hat over by the smaller thingie.

Then I have bad news for you guys.I always wonder if tal was a human.BUT, I forgot something, DAY ZERO?I enjoyed it and it was cool that he was prioritizing lower-rated players to give them the chance to play a GM.Subscribed and eagerly waiting for your next video.I wish i was gifted as them.There's no way this is possible.Use a knights shadow.Very goodnice job.

However, you mentioned a record player that had two tone arms.Well, Allen, you put an entire can of thermite inside a turkey!So many souls left at unrest.You said it is not possible to stop Nb5 but, After Na3 Qa5 stops everything.7:01 "Touch move".

I worked in a record store in the 1970's, one of our suppliers saw one of the early demonstrations of the microgroove record by Frank Stanton.That was amazing!If yes then your indexing wheel design is ok.Wait till MLBB fix this.Was it a relief after going a rook down or was it just an evil smile to show that no matter what you do, I will be always on top like a prostitute from Amsterdam?But last week Ebony was talking about Lil Wayne's looks but can't get over that Snoop talked about Gail's appearance and called her a bitch.

Angelito Crame

We were not an accidentWe were designed and createdFrom Day Six of CreationWhen everything around usWas conditioned for lifeWithin us are micro orgsworking to keep us aliveand healthy that also weredesigned and createdBy The Amighty, Yahuwah Ruwach-(Spirit. Mind, Breath, Fire, Water, Wind of Yah and can also be violent and distructive, Strongs Bible Dictionary and Concordance) Without Yahuwah Ruwach nothing created now would not have been created and without Ruwach Life can not exist. He is perfect and also wants us to be perfect, otherwise things can go wrong and when things go wrong cause troubles and can cause dearh and desruction. After the fall of man imperfection entered into our system, that caused us to age and die gradually. Imperfection can be corrected through rebuke and correction until perfection is acheived. Without rebuke and correction perfection can never be achieved because no one is born perfect, but through rebuke and correction perfection can be acheived. Anything that separates from the source of life will eventually age and die in order for life to be supported and continue it must be connected and supported by the source of life Yahuwah Ruwach. So what does Yahuwah Ruwach have to do with this? Everything, Yahuwa Ruwach is the Source of life without Yahuwah Ruwach life could not exist and life could not continue to exist without Yahuwah Ruwach.


Not any more for 2nd place, just checked wikipedia: 2nd place is Vladimir Malakhov during 2015-2017 - 93 games (37 wins 56 draws), Tal is on 1st 3rd place now!!!


Use a whiteboard next time. Not an upside down piece of paper


ur mom lol

Claude Baudry

Belle ouvrage et beau bois htreou chnepeut tre

Mohit Sharma

Woah, after watching your 30-40 videos, i saw this.And i can say, huge huge difference in your videos. Hatts off, you came so far.


where is link Package File

Nilesh Dupare

If he play his queen at the H4

Tri Wahyudi

Kawanku memilih makan kudadari pada piyon

Darin Said

did u forget the Halloween Gambit??

Russell Riedel

I love that sound when the drill winds up and starts making chips. We use this kind of drilling for waterlines with the molds we make. We drill into aluminum so we wind that sucker up and just plow through the material. Takes less than 10 seconds to drill a hole 11 inches deep.

Raja Mukherjee


Tin inh

Cho e xin link phn mm a ang s dng c k a

werr kowalski


caleb hines

I got that exact coin in my pokeball tin

Jan Sargsyan

15:05 why he didn't do Qxg1 ?


Best chess content on YouTube, thanks John!

Chris McDowell CMR Woodworks

Nice. Great video too!

aniketnarayan biswas

Can you make a video for smith morra gambit?

Novie Balea

Onto the third video. I am currently at 1200 rating and I hope to get to 1500 after watching these and the first part.

Richard Joly

This helped a ton. I love your humble explanation but how your practice is finally paying off in a thing that you love is golden


kingofdice66 Then it would be mate in a few moves.. 1.Rd8 Rxd8 2.RxD8 Qf8 3. Rxf8 Kxf8 4. d8

HimeshShah HD

The set up at 10:01 is wrong!


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