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Bobby Fischer Goes Again On A Crazy King Walk Against Short Game 5/8

) That said, isn't the whole appeal of human played music the mistakes?Doesn't this matter?First at first Use a thread, tie it up to find the first straight line.How would you hold the vise on the Z axis?Maybe it's just me but seeing a machine do the hammering for you is the same as just going to Walmart and just buying an axe.I could watch Becky Quick all day and all night.

What are thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What are thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Conut agin it’s six dolls and six ghost.Thanks for sharing what you know, you know a ton.I'm three years late, but as an american, it hurts that he says "vaz" instead of "vs".One thing I would change would be to use a half disk for the head of the knight, to fit into the slot, with the flat part on the top, and angled downward a bit.Did Eric really leave or is he just taking a break or just working sometimes and appearing in vids only sometimes?

Was a treat to watch this.First pushing pawnthen the king move to h5then rook take pawn and its a mate.Still unable to realize I just made 798 buks with this excellent web site here, simply Google with-out spaces Cash24HoursHome.Thanks for sharing.I am nothing but impressed."Nakamura was really low on time but Carlsen has about.

Can you make

Can you make

Your sound is definitely weird.Fine that you didn't remove the casting marks because they are part of the history of this grinder.To create your own, just play two to three agadmator chess commentaries at the same time.Would there be any chance you could do a Chess Fundamentals No 5 on "endgames".Great video sir.Just throw me in a heap of burning tires.How can i got this total :129.Bit of a newb here.39:07 black could play 1.Worst commentator I have heard on any of the chess sites.

Ricky Dennis

Useful video pal, many thanks for sharing. Just one thing though, that repetitive music track becomes so so annoying. Maybe it’s just me. But it drive me bonkers. All the best, Ricky

Kavi Sanghavi

Really Helpful! Thanks!

KRVM 162

The reason I bought him cuz he looks like a DEMON GOD


3:09... lol, says the guy from Detroit.

Elias-Axel Pettersson

Absolutely beautiful. How much to buy a board/table like that!? Much appreciated and congrats again on a work of art.-A competitive chess player :)


11:52AmenI vote for Casandra Monroe becoming a regular feature.

Jazz it up

Steve Jobs of 3d Printing.

Ruben Escalera

Doctor: Ruben you have only 30 minutes before you die.Me:

Lincoln Lloyd Redley


Scott Haun

what type of wood?


there were like 10 illegal moves made by the kid, what a waste of time

Cameron Mackenzie

Can someone put the discord server here

The Screaming Acadian

I feel rude asking but if you sold this table how much did you get for It have a similar table a bit bigger and i have no clue where my price should start

Robert Mershant

hopefully 3 yrs later someone will still reply, but something i hear a lot of people saying (including you) is that beginners tend to make too many pawn moves, but all the basic openings like queensgambit or the french defense seem to start with 3 or 4 pawn moves. also, i feel like at least in theory,having a knight out early to protect an inevitable backwards pawn seems like your setting yourself up to definitely lose a knight early on.

Beauregarde St. Beauregarde



All three times it wasn't the 10 of Diamonds

bluedemon 2911

I thought ur long was supposed to be on d 1 since his is on e 1


That was a lot of words for f off Trump.

J. A. M.

0:55 "Should I go f4 or Nf3? Bah!" (Who cares? I'm winning again anyway.)


I don't see how all of that is necessary in the last example seeing as how all white has to do is exchange their queen for any of those pieces and then move rooks up to back rank.

Knjaz Zlogrd



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