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Booo! (feat. Ms Dynamite) (Dubaholics Numb Dub Mix Edit)

Pretty sweet puzzles :)definitely will take a bit of work getting them back together lol.But you think it is possible to simply hold a piece in your hands, you know, because if you just won't release it, then the opponent did not win a queen, but a pawn.Brady's whining and unexcited voice ruined this video.Like it could be countereddodged(the attack).8:15 black can win rook on a7.

OMG IS THAT JOHHNY SINS OMG ITS MY IDOL DUDE OMG I LOVE HIM DUDE SHOOT A VIDEO WITH JOHHNY.A few days later i was going to play someone else but he said he was so sure hed win, hed bet 5$.I'll take six each (gifts and one for me)!Ive always enjoyed seeing curves within a design.Of course their are other Countries who are committing the same Human Rights Violations like the Countries I already previously mentioned!1:34:15 that time Danny was almost possessed by the devil.I didnt get a notification or email and its still showing up as publicly accessible on my YouTube Video Editor page.Galing ng sagot nya sa Q and A.

"Dater blades in your table saw" WTF.Fantastic twist him losing.Moe: show yourself coward Me: yeah great that’s what you want to tell a demon.What's the thickness of the table?Family niya talaga ang goal nya.I love how Keith said we gotta be better about that’ when when Eugene admitted that he didn’t realize how much they care about him."What is cal-cool-us.11:50link for those white patch panel keystone adapters?(8:24) Well done man!Put Bert in a gimp suit for an entire 2 bears 1 Cave.

Takes all pieces offered and chucks around his captured pieces.Ex0duzz Hopefully the vast majority of viewers have this pegged as fun and not even close to being along the lines of arrogance and bullying.How many people are there?Thank you for sharing your craftsmanship!Unforchunately my opponent deviated after i played queen to B3.Who is still waiting for they’re Hogwarts letter?My brother says that he can visualize 4d space.Damn tell me why I thought it was Tom Hanks in the thumbnail lookin straight castaway!

Magnus is the best i love the knight corner.The MRI's wowed me.Your a " handsome " man!Rd4 instead of.Zach: I’m gonna be in on every handAlso Zach every round: I’m out.Amazing mathematically perfect work my friend!

Best chess channel on YouTube I know by a country mile!Penal code statute d4 b5 f2.Gobless you and your whole family.Great video mate.Gue kesini karena sultan rangga yg udh punya kerajaan dipenjara.

I'm sure there's a good reason I just can't figure it out.He is doing it off the dome she getting her bars ready.Can't wait to see version two!Hahaha what was that piano noise at 8:08.The problem is that I get an error message saying that it can't open the imagefile related to explosions because it is too big.The (S)crooge constant.

A Ket

What is your opinion about resigning ? Should a player resigns as he accepts to lose and show that he does nt disrespect his opponent ? Or play until the end which might shows that he disrespect his opponent ?Btw i liked thathe played until the end - the game was great

Bill Dixon

Way too complicated. By considering the parallel lines top and bottom of the three adjacent squares and using the sum of angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees, you can show that the angles in the top left corner where the red lines meet are alpha, alpha- beta, beta-gamma, and gamma, which sum to 2alpha which is 90 degrees.


sorry im just messing around

Robert Green

Aye, the medallion calls!


Haha the end he is a typical nerd. No offense :-)

Manufactured Reality

Nice video. Most of your videos are about the successful attack of the winning player, so it was cool to see one about a successful defense. 

Trng Nguyn Quang

ad cho mnh xin tn nhc th nht vi


Ew Spartan :joy:


ithokke aanu movieeee.feeling nostu


Really complex.

Thomas Nealy

So why does she say this stuff with a smile on her face i dont see anything to be smiling about

yee lee

Finally i can beat myself in 3 moves. This is the way to become self champion. Thanks!!!!!

The Soloqwill

yesss now they really can’t stop arson

thatbrandon guy

rooks, fat and lazy just sitting in the corner... seems right in my games.

sol wol

[000000]-/,[school ]barr[0]JERUSALEM. IS. ME......DAVID. S. ISVOIDDOV.EQUIT...AL.NON. NON.INITED

Rusty Dobbs

Nice work on the video, Jay. You pay as much attention to the editing as to the project itself and I appreciate that.

Basically Yes

The chess bra fans might like this horde chess thingPuSh Em BaBy


These Gambit videos are amazing. I'm a beginner just playing the London for lack of any better idea and wishing I could play more like this.


Where final fantasy xv pocket edition ?


He looks kinda like Doc Brown.

Juliet Kitching

That is very very impressive.Would you be able to do something from game of thrones

Angelo Adrian

Hikaru pro wow

Lopez Mario

It amazes me how man has figured out how this actually happened once upon a time. Protons, electrons, nuclear fusion..... my actual intellectuality saddens me sometimes when I see these things.

Loue Voyer

my favorit song !!!!!

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