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BRAVE 9 Lightweight World Title - Alejandro Pato Vs Ottman Azaitar

It's just your opponent saying, "I like to play 1.Great video with excellent interviews.Loses to timeignores and keeps trying to win.I would imagine that the screws were peened over to stop them coming out which is very common with ratchets.

Omg this is so amazing.Thats for the vid Steve.I build Cigar Box Guitars and now I want to make rings also.I have watched it 3 times!I wish you and your family have a great new year.The music was annoyingly repetitive.Naiyak talaga ako sa istorya.How is that checkmate?

You lose a pawn, but nothing else is lost for that king safety.Red King: Jut defeated a high skilled and well trained knight.-Sure, but we don’t have a chess so we can play.Yung speaking voice nya nakaka inlove.On BasePiece script.Super awesome amazingwhat you are telling like you mission super thanks bro also learn how to make a cube and thank you very much to explain the q thank you thank you thank you very much.1 In this example, the answer is only 1 if we skip the fact that it's impossible to get to 1 considering that would take an infinite amount of time, and then some.' Brilliant lol.KP is an order of magnitude harder.

I love board games,

I love board games,

If you want free music for your YouTube videos, visit us at www.How to send vids?Magnus plays anonymous so that people cant panick and they might have a chance to win.Thank you for the good video.Omg, I just received $12,000 in my cashapp account, tomashackcashapp on IG.Think the bishop move on c2 was to prepare for the a3 push and have the bishop defend b3.There is some openings if u didn't follow book u will get quickmated.Thx for teaching me the Diagonal King - Knight move.

Currently, I have a

Currently, I have a

This is the weakest chess game ever.Dave you've given new meaning to the phrase "need a tool, make a tool", you "needed a machine and created a machine"!It's more like a piece of art than a cutting board for me.This should be your most watched series, shame that it isn't since now it's been abandoned.So the total possibilities are 8C17C156.Wow such a great video kept me up till 3 in the morning!Appreciate the suggestions!Still too butthurt about losing all those wars I guess.Because they had the space to keep cows they could drink more milk and have more meat than people living in cities.Shylock BossRulingBoxOffice.

SlyGuy HitMan

Hmm why not take the pawn with queen as Magnus’ last move instead?I must not be seeing something

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Adta varsham I film kanunnavar like adi

Paola Weintraub Gomez

Cant u just take the hat off?


Nice job man

Calvin Franca

jerry, I had a dream and you were on it! I saw your face! lol

Past Time Past Time

Nice to see you again.


Allie when yall opened it lol he screams and the mattress falls lol

Awesome Ninja

Or I say the pattern of hats

Symon Fobbester

Good work. I think I'll have a go at that at some point.

Ben Thurston

The Winning Chess books were great, I think it would be cool to have an online version to click through the moves instead of having to play them out on a board...


Keep people watching until when,when!?!? Guess I'll have to wait until the next video. Good thing I smashed subscribe button. Just too bad I used my hammer, but I got a new phone out of it. So its a win win.

Sandeep Shetty

both blundered a is not as if the guy was winning because of his brilliant play and then blundered. So its a fair result

Glenn Cooper

You brought up a very good point which raises a very bigquestion. That stockfish used a defense it always gets killed at. But there's way for it to know it's playing alpha zero. Which brings up does alpha zero get told it's playing stockfish? I would guess yes!! Huge advantage

Shivendra kumar

Followed by e3 .. how the hell can he play e3.. that's e6 man

Oscar Donald

For first puzzle, why not queen takes e5, then bishop to c6

Michael Rappolt

Apart from your great chess comments - recently I am following your channel a lot - I like to mention that I find your dog very sympathetic.

Karl Dahlin

This was a fantastic video! Incredible to witness the methodology and listen to two rocket geeks chat.


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