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Breakdown: Tutorial ~ Kingdom Hearts 3 Analysis

Please, make math about hexaflexagons.Who would spend this much time over thinking this stuff?And a very practical functional way to preserve some history!I’m born in April.Burazeru bez ljutnje engleski ti je uzasan.

Thanks for these vids man, they're

Thanks for these vids man, they're

That battery should be deposed of responsibly.OMG sobeautiful.Que prova maravilhosa.What is that app?Ok it looks there's a lot going on in the film that you and (judging by some of the comments) several others don't understand so lemme break it down for you.Tal is great I'd let him fuck my tpe platinum silicone sex doll.I love to watch your videos, I think I have been through all you channels video already.Man, when I was a junior in high school I made up a variant that was very similar to this that was actually a sort of chess recreation of Thermopylae.

This is a Woman with many skills!How would I buy this chess board ?Very very great tutorial.Therefore, we're trying to solve for A' in all3's A' all3's X' all3's X'.I love when you go through the variations.Great video, thank you.This is very disrespectful to Nakamura.

Yesterday the dude finally played it out perfectly and took my queen.I'm doing a project where I need to do this, but 2 dimensional.I'm slowly building my jig inventory as I need them.Great job i hope some.Will need to sell my Delorian though.Bishop in Los Angeles takes Rook in New York City!

Am I stupid or is the music in this video "pince ali" from alladin?More titled arena please.Just use a tracer lathe.Yo time ran out.I got an hacker who helped me bypass his phone and got it cloned.You had a check of the green king at 1h11m41s for the points you needed for 2nd.Don't breath too deep.Thxx for the vidoe damain lemos sir you are the best as usual sir please give answers to the people question below the comment about this opening and its transposition.Just wondering I see you don't store your biscuits in a sealed container, don't they swell up just from normal moisture in the air?Can I ask why the opening of the vacuum tube inside the table was facing up rather than down?

Rhen Andi

I didn’t even know how to play any classical instruments but here I am watching them like I’m a music expert

Bato B.

Dimitrije Bjelica wow I am surprised.


I didn't watch the game, but this gives me the impression that it didn't cost Vishy much effort.


200k is almost here


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