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Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: Betrayal - Part 1 of 4 (The Real Game Of Thrones) | Timeline

Morphy was better attacking genius.Chuyn c co khac.Eric Hansen's time management is as good as his anger management.We can never afford to be know-it-alls because we will never know everything.Aman and eric crushed it and had fun at the same time.This is great, I'm using waypoints to trigger analytic events.

Now do a bullet marathon :).Leilanie Janse van Rensburg.Bro menny yaru tharuva.What are you doing with the cutoff from the chess board top?Great video, thanks for sharing!Notice the teacher was asian.

Matt, thank you very much for

Matt, thank you very much for

I’m confused about continuous probability :( If you throw a dart and it lands at say (a,b) where -1a,b1, then how can Prob(Hit (a,b))0?The cute woman sat on first row  shot a picture too late LOL.Great vid, also loved that you included knocking the camera over.Time to pucker up those lips I think Skip ha ha.Thank you to share your knowledge!Dunno what it is, people nowadays don't value horses as they used to do:).We do live videos everyday.This solution is flawed since it still doesn't guarantee 100% chance of escape.This video is so incredibly instructive, I'm convinced all of them are necessary and I'm inspired to build every jig expertly demonstrated.

This was an excellent video.Thanks for any information.Hi Jonathon - great video, thanks.10:12 why wouldn't you take the knight with bishop h5.Pick up great tips.

I went to coma.Am I the only one that wants to see more of John.Can we work this project on NetBeans?) and, perhaps, also: Has the governmental practical response to this disease been so far adequate, given the scientific facts we currently know about it?This video should be R rated.

Dai Le

Hay chiu chng 1'30s lun

hello angels0806

Totally... Amazed...


For the pieces only? I have a very large chess board

Big Sam

Carlsen looks more like a busboy than a chess player. Now Fischer, there was a player with presence and charisma. You could see the genius in his eyes. Carlsen looks like he should be clearing your table.

Herr Berg

Great explanation. Thank you!

ZOMG Gaming

18:00 wtf

Int. Savior

This guy's jokes are actually funny. GingerGM is making chess so enjoyable.


There is one more check: Qe5!

Kathy Norton

This totally ROCKS.! You did a awesome job. Thank you for sharing.

Muhammad Abdelhady

I love this channel so much <3

Vilash Yeligeti

It's good but explainslowly

vn thun vlog

Ai ng ky knh cua minh minh ng ky lai cho

Jomar Balingit

Thank po greeting from Philippines


Flip is classy.

Ghani Pasha

This nation can make the world history.

Nishant Yadav

Why didn't he save his rook??

Anniver Mendoza

Hey can you think straight cause the problem is the rook queen and bishop

Conti Gonzalez Cuello

All I can say is: BRUCE! BRUCE! BRUCE!

Seth O'Day

What's his setup?

CoolCheetah T

I don’t think Jamie is bad... I think he is a disgrace.


Sigh The old truck is no more. Steven and my Grandfather had the same truck and color scheme although one year's difference. My Grandfather's truck and him are no more but I would always smile, pause and think of my Grandfather while watching one of Steve's videos. Sucks getting old.


1more thing who in their right mind would stay in a house who see a kiddie cart in the loft and by the time u get downstairs it's there and moving.....who tf would stay

FF Film Crew

How anyone can believe that out of nothing came everything. When looking at what Gods Creation is able to imagine and then create itself it is a truly amazing thing to witness. What an inspirational video.

Erik Johnson

I've had a pretty rough morning so far but this video, with the simplicity of the design and the calming music, has really relaxed me and given me some desire to get back in the shop and finish setting it up so that I can try some things like this. You should start a series of meditation woodworking videos )

Miftakhul Firdaus


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