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Build and Deploy a Realtime Chat Application -, Node.js, and React.js

Shannon estimate is brilliant !How much would it Cost to get one of those?Est sper genial!Ooooor use right?There are some insanely beautiful views here and I really wanna know where it was filmed!Wow, what a game!

Another way of proving 1-11-11-11-.I wonder what's going on with Lou?Hey Joel, not sure if you will see this.13:54 why not play B4 to stop the advancing pawn attack by black?Um, have you ever died to a boss in this game?Also everyone needs to understand they are ghost.Hows he gonna win if thats drawn.Graphics were like watching a video game, very unrealistic.

42:10 "artificial move" does somebody know what he

42:10 "artificial move" does somebody know what he

I've heard that novices and experts both look at the same number of moves, but experts look at better moves.Today was our race and I got 1st place overall.I love stuff like this and would have loved to been able to create things, but not having these idea's like the nail at the end, oh and the salt trick.Tal was the kinda guy to sell you his house for 5 bucks but after you moved in you find out its booby trapped.I dont even play chess.Nickel BRAVOOO !Then for G:axx in A and 0:ab we get that (G,0) is an Abelian group.Hello there, nice vid. Thanks in advance.It has served me well.

The computer should always move its piece first, before removing the opponents piece from the board.Ok - Danny, I love you honestly (don't listen to everyone throwing shade) but this production was unfortunately not good.7:49Otherwise known as "Buff Leslie Nielsen".This was the good solution to track a big glider (Messer 321, 55 meters wingspan).But that last minute was heavy for both.11:00 I love this song to bits and this section to the end in particular.3:55 my opponent would move Qh4, rather than taking the f4 pawn.

Any idea the age (yr of manuf) of your?Do more of Rashid Nezhmetdinov Games plz.Was Ben Finegold Rufus or Dufus when he played the game?12:27 when the subtitles think u said ninehundred thousand.I too enjoyed this little piece of history.In 1972, he captured the World Chess Championship with a decisive lead.I think White could have taken on f4 couldn't he?Like, you know that you are dead no matter what you do.


These lathes look so dangerous holy shit

cinderella thapa

Itna ullu kon hota hai


I'm sure the large hole for 45s was RCA Victor's decision to make their format proprietary - you would HAVE to buy one of their record players to play 45s. Of course this would only work if their records had music that everyone wanted and couldn't get from any other company, which obviously wasn't the case. In that vein, I remember the stereo record players my family had in the 1960s came with a large plastic adaptor that you would slip over the normal-sized spindle to accommodate 45s, so that you didn't have to put in the plastic thing in the big hole.


it was my favourite thing in primary school


How i thought i looked when i played Minecraft as an 8 year old 6:00

Cajon Master

Nice one! Thanks to show the process of making a cajon. Just subbed


This game should be taught in any endgame books or courses!


You bought probably the shittiest whetstone I were able to buy on Amazon :D Yes, I have one of that 6 stone set, and they like all the same grit loosely glued together, but in different colours

sunil kumar madhan

Once i was searching for something i saw a video of chess in ur channel i really loved and enjoyed there after i bacame addicted.The more intresting is i started playing chess and leanring basics...Yes ur absoultly correct there would more chess player after watching ur videos

Jim Fedorowich

3.44 this guy has SEVERELY provoked me with his username! LOL

Paul LaTerra

Amazing! For others to see the amount of work that you do to create things increases the appreciation for true artistry

kiann gencianeos

nakakaiyak naman

Aerobic Dragoon

I really liked muse tho

Jhonny Hareton Oliveira Barros Fernandes

Very good. I love it!

Kieron Rowe

Agadmator sacrifices the lounge to K9 preferring the Webcam attack, winning the immortal Internet game.

JetskiPilot Gaming

My brother and I used to build models and a few dioramas when we were in elementary through high school. My brother used to build model tanks for a museum gift shop on an Army base when my dad was in the Army.This is next level. Great video!

Tall Dave

Well done. Great cue.

Anonymous Catman

Did he ever find out?

Francisco Ramos

I will never forget you Harry


I started with C and Python, but gave up after a while because I didn't know what to do with it.Now I'm learning C because of Unity Engine, and I realize both helped me a lot getting started.

Jayden Tran

You hit the battery did you?

Samsul Bachri

The man is really foool

Steven Jon Lee

am i more than welcome?


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