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BURN IT DOWN- my BEST SHTF Philosophy Video Ever

But then he saw the magic starting with Qf7!And then the same goes for 3, 4, etc.Suffering from retardation and TDS.Puzzle me buzzle.Act like you've seen a woman before ffs.What was total run time on all that?

1:09 rok papieza pdk.IN THE 4TH QUESTION IF REPETATION WAS ALLOWED THEN THE ANSWER WOULD HAVE BEEN 146 AS ONE POSSIBLE NUMBER IS 500.Am i the only one who thinks the intro is from "Don't Stop Believing"!Oooo he looks mad when they ask where the body is.So we can call bollocks on the story on those grounds alone.Resin to plexiglass after settling : get out bitch!

This is very nice.O, This vid seems amazing.I don't follow it, but it's the new performance art of the youth generation.The nice thing about plumb lines and chalk lines is that they create a straight line from nothing.Natandaan ko to napnood ko to US open pahuling round na ata to talgang nakailing at napakamot si kasparov dito,diretso sya sa loob after d makapaniwala hehe.The sheet metal probably does OK but that thin sheet of stainless is a bit concerning.Personally I'm fan of sneaky Pete style cues and would be more interested in seeing one of those built.Making your own brass utility knife is utterly cool.En los engrades.

You can put led bulb below it and use big pannel for ceiling decoration etc, beautiful work keep it on brother.Everyone is quite annoyed at Carlsen's draw decision.Nice revenge tho!You are basically asking the number of steps that will give an average distance from the starting position of 3 ---- 9 stepsEdits: from the formula E(Sn) sqrt( n).Grabe ung iyak ko dto.Looks unreally cool.Does anyone now if there is?40 Hours is just the name of a uncredited yet extremely hard piece.I'm here always to enjoy the show, especially the games that played by Alireza.

Since when did van gaal

Since when did van gaal

I wonder if the light stone is soapstone and black being coal?I saw that right away because I know that pattern.Burn the whole family.This is the most fun I have had watching Chess and you've inspired me to play again!This is a weakpawn.

I know it's hard to resign.Every word is literally in front of your face lmao enjoyed the video bud keep up the amazing work.Thank you for your knowledge and sharing with us.Your video on the P-C 4216 helped me a lot with mine and this is just another example of an outstanding teacher doing what he does best.Played by nakamura.WHY IS THIS KEEP GETTING IN MY RECOMENDED!

Thats a proper work bench !

Thats a proper work bench !

Geometry dashLook easy but.Troncogigante s pra fazer um negcio desse tamanho.Chess tactics pro is complete carp,wrong puzzels.What should we do when we have only king and bishop.All I see is some code but I have no idea how all this is even working.He said he started with C and has now learned most programming languages and has worked in the industry for almost 40 years.He realizes it and punches her lights out (the animations, if nothing, were not politically correct).

Richard Lair

It seems that we're seeing a two-dimensional representation of energy being created in 3rd dimension. Where as the zeros are fed from the negative side. Enter into a region between the zero and one. Then are shot out on the positive side and accelerated on the prime, logarithmic, and Fibonacci sequences. I say accelerated due to the expanding nature of these number sequences.This area where the zeros bundle together very closely resembles the gate area in a semiconductor circuit.

Gus Ein

and where is Shaun?)))

Richie Tata

ben.... great chess player but not a comedian. i know he thinks he is a legend in his own mind


Personally I prefer the design of the completed project as to the proposed future class project.I guess it's the added stretchers that I like more.Makes the piece appear stronger and a little more substantial.

mani devi

Why should we do castling

Tob Raham

This would be a hit in retirement homes


He looks like Alexei from Stranger Things

Sam Hofman

After two minutes I stopped staring at legs and noticed there was chess being played.


I was playing a game with a beginner recently, our first moves were literally--1. e4 d5 2. e4xd5 Qxd5 3. Nc3 Qa5 4. Qh5!! (forking my queen and two pawns on my king-side) Qxh5. To his credit, he resigned at move 11 after I feasted on both his rooks leaving him with a knight and two bishops.

David Copete

Don't know how I got here but I love this and now subbed

Jeffrey Kretzler

I mean.. the table is awesome, but I am way more impressed with the tools.

Liz Bennett

This is bs the farm was a child trafficing centre. Tell me why Linda Pickton got the money opened a finance company and Truedope and Hillary on the board? There is a lie!!!!!

Nal B

I'm their 6,000sub it says 5,999 I sub

Daniel Lalor

where did you get the feet?

Edgar Celestino Perez


Kashinath S

nice puzzle

Aarjan gaming01

That would you like to play said was by police of nepal because i am from nepal


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