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Busting a Poor Sport & Rating Abuser | Standard Chess #282 (Sicilian Defense)

I felt good because I could answer every question Ben posed, then the one kid said he's five.Collider2D col) (at AssetsScriptsTapController.In 4 years, the electorate will be younger and unimpressed with the ClintonObama Leviathan.Wasn't rape to her because he couldn't get it up.I try to make my own.I also suspect that he has not looked down on by his peers and family for having a machinists job.

At 22:09 if you slow it down it looks like someone is sitting in the corner.When did this happen?Demon, who use fire for their main weaponsPawn: FireballKnight: ?I just love this channel.I'm interested in a draught board.

Araada ithinte director.Afterenjoying this hillarious match, go back to 10:22 onwards.I have a question but i don't know how to tell you do you have discord so I can show you.This is so dark but cool andI like it xD auto subscribe.You just never know who's on the other side.

Is there something in the water there?You’re amazing.4:19 unfortunate blunder.1:16 In that times, players used to play d3, but Morphy went for it.That would be both hilarious and a,tear jerker.Your comparing apples to oranges here.I love slenderman.I look forward to many more of your videos.

MAgnus turned off his memory superpower.Randomly clicked here.I love that design and finish.Deadrat a ur bung 2 suck as well and slaxk sucks and gentoo sucks.A deity can solve the game.


6:17 instead of f3 he couldbei captured on g5. Arka just blundered a piece cause if he recaptures its Checkmate

Avinash Nayak

11:08, after Rxh4, why not Qxh4?

Cody Garrett

Fuck this guy

Scarlet Evans

Amazing game! I love games like this one <3


Got into chess about a month ago, trying to learn as much as I can but most informative videos are just so boring. This guy gives good ideas, humiliates you for bad ideas, and is hilarious if you appreciate his sort of comedy. Well done

Margaret Wilkinson



4:06 You seem to misread Jon Ludwig's surname as HEmmAr ? Apparently you swapped correct sequence A-E to uncorrectE-A for no apparenty reason (English word for tool 'hammer' is not an alibi)? It is HAmmEr not HEmmAr. A and then E. Additionally, what happened to R in the end of Hammer? If you see 'R' in Norvegian you don't just ignore it. It is Ole GunnaR SolskjR, not Ole Gunna Solskj. PeteR SolbeRg, not Pete Solbeg. Ole EinaR BjRndalen, not Ole Eina Bjndalen.So, if it helps for English speakers, when you refer to Jon Ludvig's surname, you say: ha-MEHR .. not HE-mahI am from Slovenia, where we speak Slovenian (Slavic language group) and even i know that. You, Simon, on the other side are from South England, where you speak English (Germanic language group) which is the same group as Norway and you seem to struggle there.

Matins Veismans

Teacher: I hate programmingMe: I hate math


That was just dirty Zack smh

Fred Midtgaard

Great video! Congrats!

Tiago Rocha

Philips, Queen of media. Great

Deden Suleman

I like to burn something...maybe I must do like you make something that I like...

liam hensley

Straight loner ball

bruno Maelstrom

at 12:33 white would not play e5 (??) but exd5 (!) and win the game, lol ! ... So the whole stalemate story in the end is pointless ... drunk evening analysis XD

Stephanie Waters

Good interview, nice to see the gentleman without his game face on

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