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This is so good!I have only been playing chess for 2 or 3 months and ive been finding these killer moves in his videos.So there is a 34 chance that the mouse will again be at door 3 or 5.'Root', or gullets?But you don't get good positions in the middle game unless you know your openings.Damn, that’s miiighty fine !In the Najdorf game his h5 was a an error which was easily stopped by h4.

Please correct me if I'm missing something.Now THAT'S one helluva comb over!At 11:18Jerry splittin some dope Chess rhymes.Isnt number 9 the secilian defense?Thanks Adam for another great vid :-).The most incompetent cocky and self praising people is on charge on times of crisis.

I think we can all appreciate

I think we can all appreciate

No please don't go at 3pm.MindYourDecisions.I was thinking, wow, qb2, what a scary move, i would be shitting my pants if Magnus' queen was sitting in the middle of my pieces like that.Continuing the attack is recommended by theory and engine alike.Mikhail Tal's First Match After He Became GM.The music on videos like this is enough to click 'close' and go watch something else.And "trump for president!At the end what of black plays Qd7, what are the weaknesses behind this move?Hi John,Thank you so much for these videos- really very helpful.Dexter was trash after season 2 any way.

Keep the vids coming.

Keep the vids coming.

30:39 don't forget about Qh4.Also, love the channel and the way in which you explain the games.I wanna buy this machine and guy for 10 dollars.Very cool nice work.Few things are more refreshing and nice to see than Antonio's passion for this beautiful game.They are very paranoid me.

Does anyone also find themselves rooting for the pieces on the bottom because of chess.brought back such good memories.I remember my late son.You have a wonderful voice.OH my God so awesome this channel thumbsup.

Jennifer Shahade.

Jennifer Shahade.

Looks great though.Has he ever lost?"Variant "Standard"TimeControl "-"ECO "B89"Opening "Sicilian Defense: Sozin Attack, Main Line"Termination "Unterminated"Annotator "lichess.One last thing I do: Outsource the mundane tasks.Thanks and regards.Another incredible video from You, thanks!This was really an amazing game.23:40 no wonder you won, queen moving like that.Why are they always winners of everything.What is your username on chess.

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Jacen Spampinato

They look like bullets

Shi You

Not hard if you took probability course in university. I can solve it even if I got a bad grade at that course.

O Menezes

ummmmmmmcomplex numbers? anyone?

Ajesh Chandhu

Eee padamokeea

Derp Trollson



At 30:28, why couldn't black play QD7? Wouldn't that be offering essentially a queen exchange after BxD7 followed by NxH5? This would leave black with a developed knight and light square bishop as well as a pawn, while white has essentially nothing. What am I missing?

Gale Jenness

I wish I had all of his tools to work with, be nice when you can’t get quite the right size of metal you need to just run over to the metal lathe and make it whatever size you want! Those are not cheap machines either! Regardless he’s a smart young man with a great skill set! Wish him the best in all his future projects

Pa Na

Super sir please make more videos like this


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