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Can you solve "Prize in a Box PUZZLE" || Only 37% of people can solve

How can we show a single digit number as product of prime numbers?For this to happen, the other player needs to be very silly, then it will work.That push on the board.Thanx for the 4000 euros donation macusxc.(51)Consider of those the numbers that will satisfy the second sailor.But the face should be more detailed.I enjoy ur channel even though i am still a beginner.Evian mason (On Google).

Upgrade it to

Upgrade it to

You should’ve painted the bottom of the super structure black to keep the top of the ship from glowing like that.How to solve this if you have a Python compilerimport randomseeds 6totalDays 0iterations 10000 or some suitably large numberfor i in range(iterations):trees 0days 0while trees !This would be an awesome bowling ball tooo.You said "solve using common math operations" and you use square root, factorial.Never mind the other countrys allowing flights in that have it.I piss my pants.They were conversing like they'd done it last night, but are trying hard to maintain decorum.Hello, I'm living days away from 2020.

Your game analysis is better than parwinder khari,you atleast tell a why a particular move was played and what else could have been played.Why do i watch these when i am hungry :.Hello from Russia).I'm kinda new to this, so there might be something I'm not seeing, but it seems to me that as the panel that is the checker board expands and contracts (probably expands since you made this in the wintertime), those miter joints on the absolutely gorgeous frame are going to blow open.Is it one of np problems.Thanks Suren, I love when you show what Stockfish is thinking on a certain position.I'm not a carpenter or anything, but I think you probably should of used larger pieces due to the edges being so weak.Makes it look so easy!

Definitely impressed with how you were able to figure out fusion so fast, even after watching some of Lars videos I can't get it lol.I can do this thing.Thank you for sharing.Thanks for the compliment!What's the point to see a one way match with the same winner every time ?I don't trade paperclips but I do trade a lot of my blacksmith work for other things.

Mnh Ck

8:42 sao vua en khng n m trng G6

Paulo Guimaraes Ferreira

Thank you Gunj17 for your explanation.

Jumping Jack

Fantastic result, really enjoying your videos. You have a lot of patience and dedication to the craft ! Inspiring stuff. All the best from across the pond.

Sivapathasundaram Kangasundaram

the bestthanksi think he is a combination of both he

Eldis Prado

Nicolas Ayastuy

New Zealand is all put together with Robertson screwdrivers, they are everywhere, once you get used to them, and remember to haver a square Number 1 and a Number 2screwdriver, you'll be alright. But don't leave home without them 'cause you're screwed


just play the game out?! why the percentages of moves Fischer never made?

n ziom



Let’s find more metaphors. A great destroying move can be compared with a sledgehammer hit, lighting, an explosion, an earthquake, a nuclear strike, anti-matter annihilation. Let’s find more!

Faken Namen


rajat khade

Superb idea make i just like that butterfly idea... Love it... N one question is there that white n chesse cream mixture place in the filling n outside the cake? Or else only white cream


Who is winning black or white?I asked Michael Jackson he said it didn't matter

Dimitri Andreou

4:56 b5 looks bad. He missed the much easier Nxd2, exchange queens, then Bxc3 picking up the exchange, entering a rook game with 3 pawns up

Burak Simon

What ifI keell diem!

notbohnhere butcantleave

No sound barrier in space

agustina barreyra

Es como un ASMR


After bishop to g6 why not play rook to f7 as it will be mate in 2 move

Tom Carlson

It is amazing to see your experience in this old craft.I really enjoyed the whole process from the beginning.

Chen Gon

Next scrapwood challenge : a wood mile chuck

Betsy Eulgen

This piece is the background music to Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about the most astounding thing in the universe (Tragedy and Hope version). If that few minutes of listening to this music along with the visuals of the video and the sheer realization of why we came to be on this planet doesn't move you to your core, then all hope is lost.


That's koi not goldfish

Deepak Nath

At this age watching Doraemon


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