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Now it's just fucking firewood.I want to be good at chess.Just subbed herekeep it up!

5:37 wow this

5:37 wow this

Can i just say that i think greg is sprouting into a fine young man.Just watched your first video for me today.Many indians have no idea who Robert james Fischer is.Then me being a star wars nerd, I was like "STAR WARS!" Maybe Im getting wrong here (since I dont know those players and english is not my motherlanguage) but this video made Aman really unsympatic in my eyes.Thank you, I've been looking for a design of a simple but elegant set.With my heart in my chest I thought this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity so I chopped the pawn with my knight and Tal took the bait in about 2 milliseconds.

I'm sorry master, just sayin'.Who ever disliked this go to Mordor and die from the fires of mount doom and never return to life Although all though who liked it shall have a good life and come back as something the colour reply to this comment saying your name and your colour but you don’t have to be a wizard you can be a dwarf, elf or even an orc I would be Kamil the blue because my names kamil and my colour is blue just like the rivers of middle earth.8 Tracks were more affordable during the 70s in the United States and were mass produced everywhere from home systems to automobiles, cassettes didn't really make a dent until the late 70s and early 80s so we had an entire decade where 8 Tracks were King.Remember people, truth hurts. Wish they'd get rid of her.MDF is Perfect for speaker boxes, its hard flat and dosn't have pockets in it lik plywood has, however adding a wood front panel might make them buzz or make noise if you hear that at loud volumes remove them and listen.Cs(38,5): error CS0103: The name TapController' does not exist in the current contextAssetsScriptsGameManager.You should make the biggest gummy colola.Do John Bunting, another Aussie serial killer.But after looking at dictionaries definition im wondering if i am still correct on my assumption?

I think it's 3 moves to check

I think it's 3 moves to check

Greatly appreciated.I mean, religious Freedom, normal politics, the trade and the fact that the mongols accepted inginuity.Who is playing Pokemon?Very impressive handmade guitars work"very good tutorial for guitars made.I'm good friends with Philips and Allen.What if i try and work as hard as i can to the limits of literally my legs breaking and my arms falling off and i wont get a raise from my job because simply i live in a country where economy is the worst thing here and the manager or boss simply and physically cant add a raise since she just cant because everything was already evenly spreaded and she cant give you more.

Son thisgives you that real summertime in bedstuy flow.I'm in Portland, Oregon and hacking away at several pieces of wood and you have taught me and inspired me in a lot of ways, especially the bench you made.Thanks for this great talk.The dimples and a makers-mark on the bottom would have been cool too maybe make a signature stamp to imprint with, or an inlay, or sunken label lol.First and always.And I pop sksksksksksksksksksks.

What about prices?I did it I live at 238 elm rd.It's great and highly reccomend.They're both the devil, of course!Makes it easier to see who wins.I wish I had this kind of vision for the game.Why is AlphaZero still being pitted against a version of Stockfish that isn't the latest?You are an inspiration, Shaun!Com in playing "engine moves" Magnus is like number 7 in the world.Whether they are Bobby-Fanboys or not - great game, great commentary.


Best woodworking channel on YouTube and there are a lot of good ones.Thanks Steve I'm just starting to try to get into woodworking and I have learned so much from you.


25:34 When you're gonna get punched.

C. L.

I don’t have a fence

Sky Red

7:18 haahahahahahahahahahahaja

1000 subscribers with no videos

The Adobic table

dr ashwin bhosle

Queen c6

Nicole Dekker

If you are ever in SA you should check out of the Kempton park

Written Mirror

An assassination game

Sac The Queen

Boy that was some mysterious music haha. Impressive to see Jerry holding his own (at least positionally) in such a strong field.

Mario Duenas

Trump : If you rearrange Coronavirus you get Democrats.

giorgi silagadze

Ahh yes youtube recomendations


Nope I would not make it I did enjoy the video. I would like to have more contrast in the squares


Im surpised 1000psi is enough to blow out the chips

oTruth MLBB

Hahha trying to be funny guy ehhh

tech man

Great game

Anthony Schlott

Didn't believe it when I saw Magnus play my favorite opening the King's Gambit XDD.


My answer was:The puzzle is that white's king is at Ka1 and black's king is at Kd8, both sides have a rook and a queen. Black's rook is at Re8 and White's rook is at Re3 facing each other. The black's queen is at Qh8 and the white's king is at Qg7. It looks like the white's king is pinned check by the black's queen, so the white's queen cannot legally move.So the white's rook is the only official that white can move. If blacks turn to play he would capture the white's queen. But since it's whites turn to play, white can do a checkmate in 8 moves by doing:1. White's rook goes Re3 to Rd3 giving check to the black king, then Kd8 to Kc8 since that was the only legal move. then2. White's rook goesRd3 to Rc3 giving check to the black king, the black king has two options. Move back to Kd8 or move to Kb8, if he chooses Kd8. Then white can do Qd7 equals checkmate. Since rook is blocking the pinned king now, the queen can legally move. Logically, black moves king to Kb8. then3. White's queen goes Qg7 to Qc7 giving check to black, then Kb8 to Ka8 since that was his only legal move. then4. White's queen goes Qc7 to Qa5 giving check to black, then king either goes to b7 or b8. Lets say black moves Kb8. then5. White's queen goes Qa5 to Qb4 giving check to black, Since black moves to Kb8 the king goes either a8 or a7, Lets say black moves to Ka7. then6. White's queen goes Qb4 to Qa3 giving check to black, Since black moves to Ka7 the king can go on b8, b7 or b6. Lets say black moves to Kb6. then7. White's queen goesQa3 to Qb2 giving check to black, Since black moves to Kb6 the king can either go to a7, a6 or a5. Lets say black moves to Ka5. then8. When the queen moves to Qb2 it gives check to the black's king, but it's also protecting the white's king from the black's queen pinned check, since the white's queen is protecting the white's king now. The white's rook can legally move without the white's king getting check by black's queen. Then white moves rook Rc3 to Ra3 giving checkmate to the black's king since the black's king cannot escape, capture the checking piece (White's Rook) nor the black's rook and queen cannot protect the black's king from check. Giving the white a beautiful checkmate to black resulting white's victory. I just hope this was explanation was good enough.

Brother Hood Entertainment

hit . feel . . Direction hobby . .

Steve Vacca

Rook takes rook wins also

Frank Lin

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Frank Spencer

If Magnus ever played that line against me, then 2..e6 3 d4 d5 is about equal on the bot analysis. Of course he would pummel me with tactics, positional play and time, but matching him for 3 moves would be my magnum opus.


yes, amazing

Origami and Cats

When you do database calculations you can get very creative with null which is it's own thing. Unlike zero you can divide by it. It's untyped so it's the hippie of not necessarily numeric values.

Sandra Van Geffen

I lovw harry optter so much: me: watching harry potter mom: what are you doing? me: im watching harry potter mom: watches too

Abe Coulter

You look like darude without the goatie

Soetek Herb

How can you take it like that explain for a newbie like me


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