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Carlsen's fastest loss in classical (15 Moves)

I need to get to reading that before Agadmator beats me!I wanna feel it in my hands!Calgary built a diverging diamond and chaos ensued from anyone I talked to.Beating a GM at blitz?And claiming water was boiled for drinking in the Middle Ages is not a misconception you're perpetuating, it's a lie you are telling.

The central control is unnecessary after black

The central control is unnecessary after black

They look amazing.Boring position.These men-mindsets to follow!Happy is the person who gets to take that work of art home or the water.Maybe for another video, you could talk about "Saesang" fans.You said that grischuk do evan gambit, wheres the video man?Hello thank you for this exercice but I had a problem in my code.Really like your table saw sleds too.This video is spot on!Some people just over do it.

People should be careful with the double push stick.Final Fantasy VII Guillotine!It seems to almost free float without any rails on the back of the saw.Mural Karthikeyan.Limited only by the dark recesses of the perpetrators twisted imaginations, the suffering dealt can reach increasingly unfathomable depths of human debauchery.I don't see it in your description.The recordings i did i just let the program run you hear the song but you hear the click too.

So now you are a comedian too!Did Eric really leave or is he just taking a break or just working sometimes and appearing in vids only sometimes?Magnus is such a Stan lol.If you have time of course.People like him are the only reason I don't really play classical chess online.And it IS a very nice word.In one video you showed how to make props from clay, pour a waterfall, create an entire ecosystem inside of a block of resin.Thank you very much :D.I just want to know how is that u r so freaking good in chess?

I’ll subscribe to see more.

I’ll subscribe to see more.

Qxh7 of course) 3.Who analysis blitzs game?Very great Lesson thank you.If you didn't save your king and did something else it will be an illegal move.I missed Hungarian hotwater.He's only 29 and is the "best" player in the world.Your soofas look comfy.Is a very large number.This is an awesome diy project, if you can figure out how to flatten it and add some assembly required instructions.

41:52 Black wins with Bg1!This makes it much easier to debug.: ")int secondNum Convert.You can 3d print new cameras to spy on people in the street, new weapons to kill people who object to the system and new jails to jail dissidents.The ending took an unexpected turn.

I had a piano add.Sure seemed like it.Well, not good out of the gate as he started the 2018 season 6-6 losing in the 1st or 2nd round in 3 out of his first 6 tournaments.In my mind, introducing extraneous solutions isn’t necessarily a mistake, as long as you flag for it at the end.Very beautifulpanditoryand sweet voice.


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So if one of those SSDs fails that is installed on the motherboard... enjoy your 6-40k giant brick?Cool beans.

Christopher Johnson

11:40- "Qg2 exlam" :D

David Rubinstein

call the pick the hive mine

smokey woki



The warning against having two pieces compete for the same square seems contradictory to the notion of good coordination with pieces protecting each other. How can I tell when to do which?

Koji Attwood

The famous "octopus knight" game.An all time fave, and beautifully brought to life through Seirawan's incisive analysis.

Jacksey Monk

This is could be an episode of South Park. Poor guy, horny men are morons.


0:43 "Click subscribe and turn on notifications"Talking guy: Gives example by pressing subscribe.Talking guy: Doesn't give example of pressing notification button.Me: Ok Boomer, gUEsS I wOnT bE dOInG EitHer.


It's a good thing Kasparov controlled his laugh in the future.

Darnell Pier

M J got Private Prisons that's his Benefit


Being good at chess doesn't make you good at anything else besides chess, might as well be playing Dota or csgo.


"There's still one grain on there. That paper's still good!" I'm with you, Steve

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