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Carlsen - Karjakin Tiebreaks Schach WM 2016 | Großmeister-Analyse

Being that Alpha’s rating is 100-500 points higher than Fish’s, it’s a no-wonder strategy that any player can always execute against a player several levels weaker.Hi toggi in the comments.But were this kept, Stored in some treasure-house of mighty kings, Someone might show it at a joust of arms saying, 'King Arthur's sword, Excalibur!You beat GM TheWarning and GM Arka 50.No, this has to be done without machinery, Done the viking way.This was some Paul Morphy type shit with all those pins.I found you when you first posted on the 3D Shacks reddit.

You don’t have the slightest clue about what

You don’t have the slightest clue about what

The expected value would be 12 (50%) with an unknown time.The "not-played-in-this-game" mate in 4:00 (t240) could be called a smothered Knight mate :).Man I wished you lived close to me.Me encanta, definitivamente voy a mejorar.Poor sportsmanship.I HATE PAYING FOR LESSONS.8:16 Why not white Kf7, then black Kh8, then Be5 checkmate?

Nykter means sober in Swedish and Norwegian and Swedish are close in terms of pronunciation.I use them to wipe up excess and slippled glue all the time.Hell nothing is safe these days.Black King: to the dance floor, would you come with me?As a fellow lover of chess, I highly recommend learning fighting games (Street Fighter, Tekken, etc).Would you like to be a YouTube friend?Em ang c elo1982.

NxN is where Mcdonnell first got in trouble.

NxN is where Mcdonnell first got in trouble.

Please get knee pads, I cringed when I seen you kneel with them.It says 666 on the nursery window.Audio is mono in this video.Very nice chess set, can you make me one?I’ve never failed to be blown away by any of your vids thanks for sharing your imagination.Dont worry I am not currently watching you sleep and have not stalked you to your hometown or anything like that.

Akmal Sangkula

Make a boat and split into teams to make it sooooooooo 2v2 making a boat ????????(Not technically make a boat just build it )

Cheese Man



How do you rotate the objects?




Damn, I was jammin so hard I forgot to watch the video.


Really enjoyed the videos. I have just started playing again after having taken a break since Kasparov was still better than a computer. It's tough seeing how much I suck after all these years but these videos have really helped.

Sanford Willis

Shit talking during chess is dishonorable.Then again, I haven't met a single person that does it that also is successful, has a nice car, or has a well paying job. So when I encounter this type of person during the beginning of the game, I politely forfeit and move on. It is a noble action to not shit where you eat. The stink from filth like these ppl reverberates from parent to child endlessly.

Mallu Media

, , heros........

canus lupis

A very useful video full of excellent nuggets of information.

Ken Titus

That is what can happen to you when you are not armed. It is like telling the killer come kill me, I didn't care enough to protect myself, I took a chance and lost. Killers will always find a gun to kill, but will you find a gun to save yourself and maybe family members?

Giridharan Sankar

This is dope... Awesome lecture

Tufan Gaming

I am mobile legend player please watch my gameplay.....

kiran r Jere

Your voice

Tigger Woods

Surely what Grishuk would have said is "Don't read Soviet newspapers" Reminds me of the old Soviet joke about the two key newspapers:In Pravda (Truth) there is no news (Izvestya) In Izvestya (News) there is no truth (Pravda)


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