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Caro-Kann Defence: Mikhail Tal vs Eduard Meduna

Hey destin my name is cy and I just had surgery and was wondering if you could do a video on how bones heal and how they go back together.That's a lot of mustaches.So much wasted time, all this talk about feelings really took away from any practical computer science discussions.What good is all of the slick production if the viewer can't see the board?The queen is going nowhere and in case of Qxb4 black might even win an additional tempo due to the c2 fork threat.Va7, 48 d7 th bn s thua.

Carlini should just stop talking oh my god.It is also for a wooden chess tabe.Why is it that all these genius kids look like they just got out of bed every time i see them?It seemed a waste of an opportunity with little consequence that he didn't, and it would have tied up nakamura's c8 rook too.Complete, precise, Georges.:)Thx Jerry, as always great video.So often there is order in what seems completely random and chaotic.No that's not my card--.

This is so good, and your

This is so good, and your

Prophet Muhammad predicted the conquest of constantinople, even the biggest Empire of mangol couldn't conquer but it happened under a young wonderful leader as the prophet Muhammad predicted.Subscriber ano nito ehh yung nanguha isla ng payung sa gidli.Not only a wooden board.BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY!What a fantastic game!Gives me shivers.I am just going to say it aggressive Dan Akroyd is hard to watch.The Adobic table.I am looking for best combination and ease of operatin, software and hardware.

You helped me quite!

You helped me quite!

What an incredibly unsatisfying ending.It’s not LITERALLY all his pieces.Plz senpai, let me play your games, I have a mobile device so I cant play them.Ya this was way better than I could do.I don't miss any videos.That’s awesome, I love it.That doesn't happen in other tournament as far as I have seen.Here we go again.

Man zach really hit me

Man zach really hit me

How to cry like a GM, lol.I died at 40:00 stalemate.Thank you for making this!Kalau semuanya manusia sdh terlalu pintar dan maha mengetahui kenapa perlu ada lagi sengketa dan perlawanan pendapat tentang sistem suria kita hingga hari ini yang tiada jawaban sahih.0 and perhaps USB4.John mongrel,mongolosa.Do you have to give boiled linseed oil a coat of clear varnish after it has dried?I cant create anything and I am not machine so I do not know what idea machine was following (if any) and I do not have idea.

Ben Ben

Very annoying camera switches

Caio Rolando

8:35 The rooks are probably offended by being called pawns hahaha. Nice game btw.

GaCha YuKy

Em sp i tnh ri anh i

Mummy Lawrence

Who can spot the frie

lost and confused

'Sorry about that" is back, satisfied now

Desmond C

hi Mato, one quick question. at 2:41 you said white has a better move and queen can take pawn but if Black then plays Qf2 isn't it checkmate? therefore doesn't white have to play Pg3 to prevent that?


suggestion This is one of my favorite rapid games gem

King Lucas Chess

I've got all ten games!

Dave Wakenshaw

The only apple I buy is from the supermarket.

Rusty Shackleford

Bro, with all the jokes that Ben did, why haven't I already seen this type of content until now, god damn this is so good. Pure editor's finegold right here. YEOOO CHAT ON CHESS NERDS IS INSANE HAHA BEN CANT HOLD IT IN.

Lorna Elises

ABSCBN,si Joseph Marco at si Ritz Azulang ganda ng chemistry nilang dalawa. Kahit sa tinginan man lang nilaramdam mo na pagmamahal sila sa bawat isat isa. Kahit diman nila aminin. Ramdam namin. Kaming nanunood kita namin sa kanilang mga mata ang pagmamahal kahit satitinginan nila. Itinagago lang seguro nila dahil sa hiya, na may mga tinatawag silang kasintahan. Sabi nila umaarti lang sila. Pero halata sa kilos nilang may tinatagong pagmamahal...Ang sarap nilang panuorin dalawa. Sa love scene damang dama mo ang pagmamahalan. At hindi sagwa o maruming panuorin ang kanilang bed scene...Kahit senior citizen, dala nila sa pag mamahal nilang taglayat makakaramdam ka rin ng pagmamahal.Looking forward ABSCBN,for alove story teleserye for the two 0f them!

Sahr Kastic

it makes more think to Harrelson in "White Men Can't Jump" than in "Natural Born Killer" in this example I'll say


happy. berday



sara myszkowska

i broke my arm on a hover board


what a crazy game

horseshoe 182

so much for workmanship, things churned out off robotic machines.


Nice video, Jerry.

Adrienne Fellenger

When you were doing the shout out of if you have something haunted give it to me thing. the lights were flickering in the back round

Elias Josephsson

"now ther a no more options here, but if you..... and then you can .... and then you get....

henk koonstra

Im a noob but wasnt carlsen defending the rook with the queen?

Muthu Adhur

Super duper


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