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Cassandra Community Webinar | Understanding How CQL3 Maps to Cassandra's Internal Data Structure

Recipe :1)Call your mom2)Ask her to watchthe video.Well, every text book that we read, is wrong.SuggestionWe will be waiting to see how Nakamura fare against Wesley So.Very similar to how engines think, not afraid at all to compromise king safety cause they know there's no real threat in a long time.Chesstalk In this position at 4:46, if Black: Qe7 and then White: Qd5, adding another defender to its pawn, how would I continue the game?

Excelente master.It took me literally 12 minutes for me to figure out what it was.That one guy: I stand to do the bestAlso that same guy: Opens with one of the worst first moves.Just learn a language like your learned your mother language as a child.

Alekhin answered - I do not know who you are, but I know personally all players that I can not give a roock advantage.The POS is now in hospital terminally ill and I don’t really see why I am paying tax to keep him alive.23:45 Ooooooooooof.I just hope I can avoid having to explain my weird fluidrespiratory problems to my GP.The kind of player never make an inmortal game.Bxd5 is literally the worst possible move I can think of in that position.Shimen is alien confirmed.

Jjdd made this nigga

Jjdd made this nigga

Is it not possible to use actual chain for the mines?Bravo excellent travail!Bombshell news !WHATS INSIDE IPHONE 2G.57 white is not one pawn up but one piece down!White just needs go move on top of king.I play division 1 and it’s great!If people are considering gargaling bleach.At 4:07 doesn't Bxe5 just win a pawn?The best website for increasing photos, websiteDetonate your personal page.

He gave bag of 200rs and he didnt

He gave bag of 200rs and he didnt

You made an overly complicated zippo, unless youre trying to trick people who haven't seen the video.Congratulations, for the work, the piece is very beautiful.From Skylake onward, they are using a mesh interconnect.Sarek died of natural causes.Even tho your from NYC.

When set it has a tenacious hold

When set it has a tenacious hold

Is there your videos in Hindi or urdu.4:35 A very powerful bishop on c8So powerful that he can't even move.2:48 The Pawn be like "Hey, what happened?5:26 why didn’t he take the horse with the Queen?- how are pieces moved ?

I never did beat him, although

I never did beat him, although

I cannot espresso my delight enough.I’m not ashamed to say I have such a crush on Shaun.Malayalathile mikacha oruchithram thanneyanu odiyan.By placing losing player in thumbnail.I am sorry for daft questions.

henry hoffmann

subscribed !! Thank you from Germany !!

Magnus Carlsen G O A T

Is this armageddon?

Darius Zilinskis

I can't play chess, and still was watching it for 52 minutes. Don't know why.

Ghosty god Games

Them pancakes THICC

Eduardo Rodriguez

Nice run DoDe

alan salmon

Bipolar? Pregunten


That's a beaut of a board.

Tshewang Namgay

Nice acting by little girl .She is so cute while she have Queen and boy got red face .

Pere Servera

1:50:00 the best


This video is very pintresting

Botan Cheung

Well I think Danny can call himself a pogger, people that solve Rubik's cubes are cubers, than why can't people be poggers


Good Job,,,,,, needs to be appreciated... good effort ... keep up the brain ticking... THanks,,,

Ali A

I commented before the video ended

The AMV TOP 50

Carlsen should have played Nh5 sometime in the opening.  That would have traded off the f4 bishop, which ended up watching over the c7 pawn the entire game until Carlsen finally gave up the exchange to remove it.   Arkadij Naiditsch played that move in a similar position recently. 

Mort Blackthorn

So damn cool. Really want one now!

BonBon Austin

I'm dying laughing, assault and pepper, hahahahaha!


the main advantage computers have over humans is the ability to calculate quickly and accurately, and you can't take that advantage into a human chess game without cheating. this was a non-standard line of a fairly uncommon opening so i doubt computer preparation played a large role for either of the players anyway.

Philip Hanhurst

Right after I had tried my hand at a healthbar using shadergraph.


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