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Champion vs Challenger - Carlsen vs Caruana | Norway Chess 2018 Round 1

Im scared of this dude.Ponos rvacki :D.Magnus is the G.

I’m falling asleep.

I’m falling asleep.

And the machined parts, what depth of machining you can use for the parts.What if someone steals your reusable balloon when you throw it at them.Why did you use the pencil to shade a square on the paper?And yes, I would make the chess board, if I still could.Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.

You have got to be

You have got to be

Make a drunken knife to also go with the cutting board?Except i cant find them, and when i do they are like 300400 and im 16 so dont have that money to spare :(.Four of Andreikin's powerful pieces bearing down on Carlsen's pawn on f7 in the middle game, and Andreikin's four pawns versus Carlsen's two in the endgame.You definitely work like a carpenter.Podkonets ''tupoi belopolnyiSlon'' - lmao:DD.This is an erotic triangle.

I love watching

I love watching

People's YouTube education be like.If Caruana loses to Carlsen, then Duda is just the sort of guy that Carlsen doesn't want to be meeting in 4 years time - again, Duda looks like he's willing to out-Carlsen Carlsen if the need arises.RIP curiosity rover never forget.Very nice looking.What if white don't want to exchange his knight.Thanks for this video.

Why for heavens sake did he use those heavy timbers ?No, that's the kind of straight blunders we make all the time at this level.Also I want to be friends with Paul!Interesting to see the ' failures' although to me it's amazing as even my attempts arent going to be as good as the 'failures'.If nicro was a anime character,He would have huge character development.Actually I was wrong this might help out some people!I like to have a grass green color in my office so that when my eyes get strained I can look and it relax my eyes.It was made to where kings and leaders whould use it as a way too make unique strategy'sbefore battle.Tip: Turn on automatic subtitles when Hikaru is calculating.

What a beautiful work!What a nice operation and beautiful product.My question isCan a person become IM by playing online chess and learning myself by books and online videos.That ''black book'' whats that for?I hope you are well.He is throughly precise adept n proficient again these word's are not enough to describe him would like to bow at his skills n calculations.I don't think Bilbo smoked tobacco.

Eladio Moreira

great class! you are hilarious!

M Kumar

I tried every move with the computer but I lost

William Ellis

First video of your I've seen. You have a new subscriber.

Ryry B.

Why does healer look like he’s naked?

Ashik Ps

2.11.10 that scene feeling

Dragonplayz Official

I didn't know knight can dance!

Aditya Pal

Sorry that's not a c ... Agad finds new ways of saying sorry at the start of the video !!!

Gurvir Singh

yo im a nooby lmao but can someone explain how at 7:53 he captures the black f pawn. Thx




that was a nice hat

Amadeusz N

Ohhh. Ahhh. This guy is so soft...

Eman Paul

Clip just body her

Jim meh

The question is would Ben stop and the class one of them said they liked Trump? I think he would

Peter Dimperio

Really nice boards and this informative video! Thanks

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