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I don’t want the tools, just the money.I swear I am not cut out for blitz.I subscribed now.Kings of All ELLINISM.Thank you soooo much!How could they not convict this Mf and his ID was at the scene of the Crime.And can you tell me the dimensions of the figures?It's a wheel spoke hole.

This video is amazing.

This video is amazing.

At like 3:46 looks like he fup.Wauw, that is amazing !I wonder if she likes the double attack XD.LOL you are so bad :P.Czyszczenie paznokci podczas gry jest dla wszystkich obraliwe.Don't ever breed.Legend has it bogo sort is still going till this day.And did I actually find it?We see that bottle all the time but no name.That's some pathetic framing LOL!

Raise your hand if you knew who Danny Zuko was before he played the clip!Make them stooop!Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin finally got astronomical success with it.Whoa a move i actually got in like 20 seconds.Patty it lives in the middle space!I'm pretty much sweating in order to hold in that situation.5mm step-down helical.I really like the design of the strawberry pot, but alas, Slic3r insists on trying to add "bottoms" to the openings and fill them in.This has got to be my favorite episode!Ended up with a budget track saw (Titan) plus MFT table top (generic 3rd party) on some trestles and alu bench dogs from Benchdogs UK plus guide rail from Ooznest.

Are you using Unity Pro?

Are you using Unity Pro?

What if there are other pieces on my board?An absolute monster!Bishop takes Knight G3.And what is this obsession with chess.Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of pianists that want to improvise a loteasier )Which is why I have two very simple questions:1.Please do more like these John :) I had the tactics right haha.As usual, great video.



I went from an operation to a programmer in a year bro.Amazing quality, awesome job!C5 from Magnus is an excellent move like others.I'm not going to say it, but I've been there many times.Well, this leads to a diophantine equation.Great game from Kasparov!Guys voice makes me want to hurt things.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos with such high quality.Just wondering what a reasonable price for it might be now that is is presentable.Sargi whats the name of your ghost app?Dreeeam Dreeeam he beat yo aaaaasssTheMuthaFuckinStreamWasTraaaaaash.It was followed also in Nepal about 80% percente peoples are Hindus.I look forward to watching more of your creations.I would work with you in a heartbeat.Ting khng khp lm nh.Look at Hitman in the back lol.

I like How you teach pls tell me more moves pls.It's to move on!I have been buying a little here and finding sales and when I’m able I purchased a large item.Has the existence of a magic knight's tour been proven (or disproven) for an nxn chessboard?Cop and businessman was probably dead in that car.

Ben Hood

Ya know his table talk gets real annoying at times in my opinion, but it ends up bringing shape to the games and hands he’s in

Tito Kim

Calm and rhythmic music ! (:

Raise your Kappas

at 6:49 why not just move the horse from c4 to d6, instead of queen to b3? and then check the king so he has to move, then take the pawn on b7 and then threat the queen and then take his bishop at c5? somebody plz explain why he didnt do that.

Nimitha Thankachan

Mesmerizing brother, god bless you

xXMark Is DeadXx

Pls what build


Brilliant! That guy is so clever. Thanks


So a fan of Steven Crowder huh? :)


I think that everything before level 20 was kind of pointless: Hikaru was able to play almost at bullet pace and was still routinely a piece up quite soon the only exception was level 18, where he somewhat botched the conversion, but, after that, level 19 was again a breeze.Other than that, very interesting to watch. I think his best chance against full strength Komodo was in game 2 (knight for pawn with black). While Stockfish does evaluate the "knightmare" starting position as -5, I feel that it's just too weird to play, at least without preparation.In fact, I actually had SF 8 and SF 9 battle it out (90m 30s) to see how they would proceed. SF9 held for 43 moves (when the game was adjudicated due to the evaluation of both engines falling below -9), whereas SF 8 resigned after just 27. At the crucial moment In the first game, though, where SF9 was white, it seemed like it was just one or two tempi away from stabilizing the pawn structure and getting a good knight outpost, which would at least make the game much longer, so I think that the position is far from trivial against a computer.

JedJ vP

Bruh,MadMatter scammed me and my step sister,on the package it said puddy but it showed us Connect Sand:/

Rosina Hooks

Girl wearing the purple in the crowd thick as hell!!...23:10


Dies Film soll verboten!

Chenxi Shu

Very helpful, I will try this immediately. Thank you so much professor.

underscore 555

it's okay golan...fighting

Paul Ekechukwu


thamarai selvan

How many rates this board

Kainoah Amala

This guy is crushing

lickity spit

How about d5?

Freaky Zekey

10:42 O.O


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