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CHEF TREZ vs BAD NEWZ hosted by John John Da Don | BullPen Battle League

Truly amazing things are hidden all around us waiting to be discovered!Kingcrusher at 20:53 there is not he posibility of take queen because after trades and after rooks takes e3 b4 hanging with rd5.Yes this is great for headphone wires, now they never will get tangled again!Each dimension ends in power Phi.Have watched it so many times now.Then you have 4 straight lines which connect all the dots together.I want to buy them.06 hu en n tt e4 th sao?

Outstanding repair work.

Outstanding repair work.

The reason so many of these old radios are in terrible condition is that when the owners got an upgrade, they were all taken on to worksites, garages etc with them.A silly statement by Caruana.I am putting together a Parota wood door with a hammer, nails and a hand saw.Please keep doing them often.The ultimate mgtow player.- some smartass on the internet.

What do you

What do you

Wait diggie rework.Where is the next video of circular permutation?Pretty darn awesome.So you can divide into two.TEAMWORKKKKKK I AM CRYING.

May be a good move

May be a good move

Please also cover Aronian Grischuk.I don't know how u missed this move.Your position pathetic2 more moves and, I am about to wreck it.He suspected that his brother would be the first one to find him so he changed his appearance to make it easier for himAll in all he was not a heartless bastard but a seriously depressed and destructive individual.Is that moron or idiot?I think, at 3:38, the point of 24.  Well I guess it would have to be a Euler Plane.I was like "bruh wtf".Great video but you glossed right over analytic continuation which is the part that I really don’t get at all and want to understand.It will be interesting if they ask something like this in a job interview lol.

Mwangi Kimani

"I don't know anything about this line" when said by Peter Svidler becomes a very relative term = this is the board 1 for Russia, 7 times Russian champion, former top 5 player and one of the best players in the world.

Nagesh Cavatur

Thanks for the intro about these great players. I suggest that you provide more info about the players. These players were truly the demigods of chess.

Ronan Tubridy

This is my chisel. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Thomas Gill

Take into account also that the touch tone phone layout was originally 4x4, including the keys for A, B, C, D.The letter keys were designed for remote access to computers, and were eventually abandoned when home modems became more practical.However, touch-tone phones still have remnants of the 4x4 layout as each column produces one tone (of their own), each row produces another tone (of their own), and each button causes both tones to sound, which makes our current touch tones.

RAMMSTEIN are my fav band

I live a few min from fred wests old house theirs a cycle path their know

TM3 Official

112:00 bruh he’s playing blindfolded whattttt lol the brain is an engine


Hey Mike, Ilve been watchingyer vids for a long long time now and would love if you could put together a video on our fellow Irishman Graham Dwyer. I know you've probably heard about the case a few years back. It's always interested me SOOOO, so, so much and would love to see you take a it (sorry, couldn't resist) ah go on.........go on.......go on willa!!!

Suraj Lama

At this age i was thinking who is the mother of Daya babhi


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